sleeping freshmen never lie

Lee By: Jaclyn Beeter

Character Traits

Unartistic- "On the way to art class, I noticed that Lee had stuck a sign on her locker. It said This is not a locker.I'd hate to be her art teacher."

Original- "It was only the beginning of October, but when the new girl walked into home room, I thought she was made up for Halloween. She'd chopped her hair short and died it green. I guess she did it herself. I can't imagine paying anyone for a haircut like that. And she'd stuck pins in her face. Not just earrings or nose rings, though she had plenty of those. She also had studs and barbells and other stuff I don't even know the names of. There was a safety pin jammed through her left eyebrow, and another under her lip. It was kind of freaky."

Brave- "Lee had taken one of the smaller posters and stuck it on my locker. Underneath, she wrote Let's go... When I saw her on the way out of home room, I said, "Good one." "Good what?" "Your joke about the dance." There was just the slightest flicker across her face, like she'd almost burned her fingertips."

Passive- ¨While i was trying to think of something to say, or some way to avoid saying anything, she tucked the book under her arm and headed down the hall... Later that afternoon, between sixth and seventh period, she glanced toward the me as we passed in the hall.¨

Awkward- ¨Happy New Year... Hey, spaceboy, you there? What's the matter? Vampire got your tongue?¨ ¨Lee?¨ ¨Yup.¨

Lee's Dreams

I think that Lee would like to become a writer someday. She is very into books and poems and it seems like that's something she would want to do. If you're a writer, you have to be creative and I know that Lee is very creative in her own ways. She always talks about books and poems and I think that she would love to make her own vampire stories one day!


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White Rose

I think Lee would remember a white rose because it was one like Scott gave to her whenever he picked her up to go to the dance. That night was kind of the start to their real relationship also.
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Safety Pin

I think a safety pin is something Lee will remember because it is a part of her "hardware". It also represents her Gothic side. But just like a safety pin, her Gothic side can be removed and she can be a totally different person.


I think this symbol represents Lee well because it is dark on the "outside" at first, but once you look deeper into it, you can see the light. At first, when you look at Lee, she is very interesting and wears clothes and jewelry that makes her seem strange and dark. But once you get to know her, she kind of opens up and starts to become more friendly. She has little quirks and has feelings which no one thought she did at first.
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