A Perfect Society By Sarah Petersen

We include

  • Great Environment
  • Basic Laws
  • Wonderful Economy
  • Standard Education
  • Loving Families
  • Cool Entertainment

Join a community where you can be happy and free! A place to spend your life, doing what you love!


The environment at our utopia is at a constant and neutral temperature. It's at a comfortable level for both exercising and sitting still. There are small sections of environment from each type of ecosystem, but for the sake of comfort, the housing will be kept in the neutral zones.


Our laws include basic things like no stealing, you can't harm another being, and no mean treating of other beings. Breaking the law can get you punished based on severity. For minor rules you have to do extra community service. For major laws you are imprisoned for a period of time.


  • You get to choose your own job and do what you love!
  • Work with people who have similar interests!
  • Get free food for your contribution to the community!
  • Free health care and retirement!


  • Basic language and history!
  • Great classrooms!
  • awesome hands on experience!
  • Powerful projects!


  • Each family contains 2