Brand You

Convey your personal brand effectively

Personal Branding 101

In every profession we brand ourselves, either unintentionally or for a purpose. How do others perceived your personal brand? How can you develop your personal brand? Simple, this webinar will coach you through it all.

Brand You

Sunday, Feb. 21st, 7:30pm

This is an online event.

Please join Brittany on February 18, 2016 at 4:30pm for the live streaming webinar on Brittany "Rae" Lenair's website. In 15 minutes you will learn how to start mastering your own personal brand with efficient and effective techniques. Any questions, comments, or concerns please contact Brittany via email from the bio below or comment below.

Tips for Personal Branding 101

This 15 minute webinar will give you the fundamentals to develop your personal brand through insightful yet obtainable techniques and skills that will help achieve the success for your personal brands. Also, this webinar will assist you with branding for your business and clients. The five topics discussed will be as follows:

  • Define the goals and objectives of personal branding
  • Brand awareness of your competitors
  • What makes your brand different? / Target Audience Perception
  • Planning your branding attributes/Branding Execution
  • Brand Management

If you want to take your personal brand to new heights with the momentum you need to create your own lane of branding and continued success, while maintaining a perception of your brand that is perfectly portrayed to your competitors and target audience, then this webinar will put you right where you want to be and take your branding attributes to the next level. With analytical research with sources from Forbes Magazine and these tips are effective and efficient.

Brittany "Rae" Lenair

Brittany “Rae” Lenair, freelance publicist, with a M.S. in entertainment business and currently obtaining her M.A. in public relations from Full Sail University. She has extended herself to become a maven in public relations, branding, and management in entertainment and lifestyle industries. Creating the layout and setting the foundation as an entrepreneur, research and education has established her personal brand.