Computer Class

Hi Parents!

This past quarter thanks to our wonderful PTF for purchasing, your

K-3 student was introduced to a program called Kidspiration. Kidspiration is a program used from K-3 to 3rd grade.

The class did a great job using Kidspiration for their All About Me project, I am very proud of them. Kidspiration allows the student to express their personalities in a "think map" layout.

If you would like Kidspiration or Inspiration for your home computer go to http://www.inspiration.com/Kidspiration and there is also a APP for that.

We are still practicing our mouse skills, moving, dragging and clicking. www.starfall.com and www.abcya.com have fun educational games to help with these motor skills.

Next quarter we will continue doing the same using various programs and educational sites.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me

Michele Schoening
HCA Elementary Computer Lab

Prizes for Top Three Organizations Receiving the Most Points During the Rumble Period

Contest ends April 17
(1stPlace Winner) will receive $5000

(2nd Place Winner ) will receive $2000

(3rd Place Winner) will receive $1000

HCA is not in the top 10 as of yet - we are close!