What They Are

The KGB (Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti-The Committee for State Security) is the civilian arm of Russian intelligence responsible for domestic security and gathering foreign intelligence. They are known for their agents and spies who carry out special operations in other countries. They are similar to the United States' CIA.

How They Came To Be and When

The KGB developed from the Cheka, a secret police force that started in 1917. It had many names over the years and changed with the times, but in 1954 the current leader, Alexander Shelepin, called the group the KGB and it has been so ever since. The KGB originated in the Soviet Union and is still a part of Russia to this day.

Who's Important

There have been seven major leaders of the KGB since 1958. The current one being Vladimir Putin and the very first was Alexander Shelepin.