National Housing Act of 1949

In 1949 the government passed the National Housing Act of 1949. This was to provide a decent home and a suitable living environment for every American family, no matter the race or income. The government was to tear down rundown neighborhoods and construct low-income housing. However, there were not enough new houses built to accommodate all of the displaced people. This caused many people to move from ghetto to ghetto. Many people were angry with this government act and instead of it being an urban renewal, they considered it to be an urban removal.

Termination Policy

The termination policy was created to eliminate federal government interference with Native American tribes. This approach eliminated federal economic support, discontinued the reservation system, and distributed tribal lands among individual Native Americans. As a result of this act, the Native Americans tried to relocate to inner cities to receive aid but many were found homeless, jobless, and faced racial prejudice. This is significant because Native Americans were not treated fairly by the government and many were left to care for themselves.