4th Grade News

January 11th, 2016

Goodbye isn't Forever

This week we are saying farewell to two wonderful students: Giuliana Zocco and Aedon Castillo. It is certainly bittersweet. We are so sad not to see them everyday but we are so thrilled to wish them well on their new adventure.

Weather Research Gallery Walk

On Friday, Mrs. Lange's class proudly displayed their weather research for others to view during our "Gallery Walk". Both students and adults walked around the "gallery" placing complimenting notes on student work. In addition, the students also collected an idea for them to use in the future when researching.

Ms. DeLair, Mr. Conrick, Mrs. Fenton and Mrs. Zimmerman also participated. Everyone was beaming with pride to show off their hard work. At the end, each student was able to read the compliments that they received on their work. Liam Powers held up his pile of sticky notes and remarked, "I have a little book of compliments!" with a huge grin on his face!

Look for pictures soon of Mrs. Pisani's Gallery Walk!

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Have you ever heard of the website "DonorsChoose.org"? Donors Choose is a nonprofit organization that helps schools across the U.S. get grants for needs in their classrooms. The grants range from field trips to sports to books and supplies. Both Mrs. Pisani and Mrs. Lange applied for separate grants requesting books on weather and natural disasters for our current Reader's Workshop Unit.

Mrs. Lange's grant was awarded right after Christmas by a family all the way from Missouri! The amazing books arrived this week just in time for the kids to enjoy and use for their research!

Mrs. Pisani's grant was funded by an anonymous donor! Their books are on their way and should be arriving shortly!

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And Your Opinion Is ...

Our personal opinion essays are almost done! After the next week or so, our final drafts will be complete. From there we move on to the second half of the unit - writing persuasive essays. PERSUASIVE essays focus on a more worldly topic and an issue that they would like to see changed.

Colonial Life

We are working very hard on our colonial research and have learned some very interesting and amazing facts!Please ask your child what he or she has learned. During this week we will be starting our Prezi presentation highlighting everything we have learned!
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We will be performing 2 more experiments this week on magnets. Our first experiment is called Magnetic Lines. Students will learn about the magnetic field of the Earth and magnets. To top off our two week study of magnets, we will perform our last experiment called "How Close Can You Get?" The focus of this experiment will be on the principle that the closer you get to a magnet, the stronger the force of attraction.
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Division Word Problems

We will spend a lot of time this week reading and solving division word problems. We will analyze a problem to determine if we know the number of groups that we have or if we know the size of the groups. Next up will be two digit by two digit multiplication. Please keep practicing all of the facts at home!

Fort Ticonderoga

Wednesday, June 15th, 8:30am-2:45pm

100 Fort Ti Road

Ticonderoga, NY

Mark your calendars ... ask for the day off! This is a field trip you can't miss! Join us for a day at Fort Ti exploring the fort and participating in an educational program.