Distant Waves

By Suzanne Weyn

A fairly good length

This novel is 330 pages long including the Author's Note, and 319 excluding it.

Was it an accident? Or rather... destiny?

What would it be like to personally know someone who can contact spirits? Well, Jane Taylor would know; her mother just so happens to be a medium. Jane and her four sisters, Mimi, Blythe, Amelie, and Emma, live in an eerie town called Spirit Vale, a place that mediums and those who have 'passed over' stay and thrive.

One day, Mimi and Blythe get the chance of a lifetime - being able to board the most luxurious ship in the world, the Titanic! But when their mother senses danger from the restless spirits soon after the girls departed to board the ship, she insists that the family immediately gets them off. Soon enough, as Jane, Amelie, and Emma search for their sisters, the ship sets sail and the girls are trapped there. All of them soon forget their mission and are swept up in the excitement. Will this voyage become a dream come true? Or their worst nightmare?

Who's eyes are we looking through?

The point of view of this novel is first person; Jane Taylor is the person narrating the story.

Life lessons learned from this novel

I personally think the theme of this novel is if you believe in yourself and do your best, than anything is possible. For example, Nikola Tesla and his supporters believed in his ideas, and he worked hard while trusting himself and others, so he eventually ended up making many useful inventions.

I can relate this theme to my life as well. I'm one of those students that shoots for the best grade possible on everything. But I often get stressed about tests and quizzes, as well as an overload of projects. But I always tell myself, "Calm down. You're capable of doing this, you've done it before!" After convincing myself I can handle it, I focus, I work hard, and I believe my instincts, and I eventually end up being successful.

This novel has a really interesting plot and a surprising approach for historical fiction with a dash of fantasy. I could hardly put it down when I was reading it, and you might not be able to either! If you're looking for a book that's fun to read with a riveting plot and a real historic event, than this novel is the right one for you!