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April 12th-April 16th, 2021

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Important Dates:


  • April 13th-PTO virtual meetings 4/6 pm
  • April 20th Pre-k and Kindergarten Registration 10am to 7pm @ First Baptist Church
  • April 23rd- School Holiday (Bad Weather Make-up)


  • May 11th-PTO virtual meetings 4/6 pm
  • May 24th-Senior Walk
  • May 27th- Last Day of School-EARLY RELEASE @ 1:00

A Note from Mrs. Cockrell

Dear Chisholm Trail Families,

Spring is here and summer is right around the corner. Sanger ISD is hosting Pre-K and Kinder registration at First Baptist Church on Tuesday, April 20th, from 10:00am-7:00pm. If you have a student who will be attending Pre-K or Kindergarten in the fall, please make plans to attend and register your student on this date. If you know anyone who has students who will attend Pre-K and/or Kindergarten in the fall, but do not already have students in SISD, please let them know, too. You will receive information at a later date about our online registration for returning students.

We have less than 35 days left in this school year and are so excited to see how much the children have grown as readers and mathematicians. Please make every effort to have your children at school on time when they are well. We still have a lot of learning left to do on these remaining school days.

Thank you for sharing your children with us!

Cari Cockrell

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Dress Code Highlight: Hair

As summer nears, it is time to revisit the Sanger ISD dress code. In the upcoming weeks, each section of the dress code will be highlighted to ensure that students are complying with the standards established by the district.


All students will exemplify grooming standards that project a positive image for the student, school, and District. Hair must be clean and neatly groomed and worn in a style that does not cover the eyes or eyebrows. Male students’ hair must be neatly trimmed and worn in a style above the eyebrows that exposes the earlobes and has a length not exceeding the bottom of the collar of a dress shirt or top of a crew-neck tee shirt. Male students must be free from facial hair. Sideburns may extend no lower than the bottom of the ear and must be trimmed in a straight line without flares at the bottom.


The following hairstyles or colorings are inappropriate grooming for any student at school or a school related or sanctioned activity: Liberty spikes or other sculptured hairstyles. Neon or other hair colorings or bleaching, whether permanent or temporary, in shade or tone that the principal determines to be unnatural, such as, but not limited to, neon orange, neon pink, magenta, any shade of blue, any shade of green, violet, purple, white. Hair coloring, bleaching, highlighting for the purpose of creating extreme differences in color, shade, or tone between sections of individual strands of hair, hair extensions, weaves, or areas of hair on the head. Ponytails, mohawks, man buns, for male students. Patterns or designs shaved or cut into the hair, notched eyebrows, etc.


Thank you for getting your students to school on time! Drop off time begins at 7:35 each morning. Staff will be available to supervise students at 7:35 so please do not allow students to walk up to the building before this time.

Each morning the back gate is closed at 7:45 when school begins. If you arrive to drop off your child and this gate is closed, there is no staff on duty in the back and the doors are locked. Any students arriving after 7:45 need to be dropped off and may enter the front of the school. Thanks for helping us ensure student safety!

The 2021-2022 calendar has been approved!

The link will take you to the calendar.

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Chisholm Cheers

Good things are happening at Chisholm Trail and we would love to hear about them. Your words of encouragement are invaluable to our teachers!

District Web Site

This link will take you to the district web site.

Emergency Communications

This link will take you to the district page with details about where to get inclement weather information.

Health Reminder

As we continue to work hard on campus to keep our children and staff safe, we are asking you to continue to be diligent in reporting to us when your student is either having symptoms, has been exposed, or has received a positive COVID-19 test result. Should you have questions, you may contact me at or our nurse, Courtney Lynch at


Thank you for your continued support for our procedures this year. Children are arriving no earlier than 7:35 and entering the building safely, wearing masks.

We appreciate that you have your car tags hanging on your mirror at dismissal. In the case of a forgotten tag, we will do an ID check as efficiently as possible, but we may ask you to pull up ahead of the line and wait for a moment.

Helpful Reminders

Parents, please remember to LABEL your children's belongings. (Water bottles, jackets, masks, lunch boxes, back packs, etc.) We want all items to stay with their rightful owners. When things are left behind, it is very tricky to return them if they are not labeled. Thank you for your help with this.
Box Tops New App: Scan for your School
How to Scan with the Box Tops Mobile App

Digital Receipts?

If you have a digital receipt, the process has a few additional steps, but if you go to this link and type in "digital receipt" it will give you the information you need to submit your electronic receipt.

English Learner Parent Support

Take a moment to read Region 11's English Learner Newsletter. This edition provide some good information about state testing. You can download the newsletters by clicking the links.