Lake Denoon Timberwolves

March 5, 2021

A Message from Our Principals

A gift to give your student this week is the gift of honesty and integrity. Why? Honest people tend to feel better about themselves, enjoy their lives more, and sleep better at night. Next question: what’s the root cause of children’s dishonesty? It’s complicated … and gets more complicated as they get older. They might be protecting someone, but many times it can be that they are worrying about how you will react.

How do we turn this around? Again, it’s about modeling. Anytime you are modeling integrity, say it out loud, like “Looks like I got too much change back. Here’s your dollar back.” Also, acknowledge when you’ve not lived up to your own values with something like “I wish I hadn’t ….” Sometimes, a child might need an off ramp to tell the truth. Tell them you don’t expect them to be perfect, but you do expect them to be honest.

Finally, overall, let your child know that lies hurt relationships. Let them know that being dishonest is not who your family is.

In partnership,

Linda O’Bryan and John McEwing

Important Dates, Events and Activities

March 22: Virtual PTO Meeting 5:30 - 6:30 p.m.

March 26: 3rd Quarter Ends

March 26: Muskego Food Pantry Food Drive Ends

March 26:Remote Learning - Deep Cleaning Day

March 29 - April 5: No School - Spring Break

April 20: Forward Exam for English Language Arts for In Person and Virtual School Students

April 21: Forward Exam for Math for In Person and Virtual School Students

April 22: Forward Exam for Science and Social Studies for 8th grade In Person and Virtual School Students

News and Announcements

RESET MindBody: Mindfulness

Here is the weekly lesson for students to help students focus and manage stress to support achieve and other goals in our Vision of a Graduate.

Week of March 1: Lesson 7 - Upper

Lesson 7 - Lower

Youth Art Month

The Muskego Art Department is excited to share this year’s K-12 Youth Art Month with the Muskego Norway Community digitally this year. Please help celebrate Youth Art Month during the Month of March by viewing the digital Youth Art Month on the District’s website. The Muskego Norway Art Department would like to express our gratitude to Alyssa Meyer for placing the k-12 student art pieces in a digital slideshow for the community to view. Thank you Alyssa we could not have done this without your help.

Updated Youth Art Month

Muskego Food Pantry Food Drive

Student Council is holding a food drive for the Muskego Food Pantry. We would like to encourage everyone to participate not as a contest but as an act of community service!!

The food drive will run now through March 26.

Here is a list of the most needed items are:

Canned meats and fish

Canned pasta

Cream soups for cooking

Canned chilli

Boxed potatoes

Canned tomatoes


Shampoo, body wash


Laundry detergent

Diapers, sizes 4&5

Of course, any non-perishable foods and toiletries are welcome. Pet food is also needed.

Warrior 101 Registration

Each year, the Warriors 101 transition program helps support incoming freshmen by facilitating opportunities for them to meet upperclassmen, run through their class schedule, meet their teachers, tour the building, bond with peers, and learn about co-curricular opportunities at the high school. The program is planned for Wednesday, August 25th from 8am-12pm. Please click here to complete registration for your student so you are kept up-to-date with program plans. We look forward to helping your son/daughter have a smooth transition to the high school.

Warriors 101 Flyer

Warriors 101 Promotional Video

Outstanding Balances in Infinite Campus

As we move towards the end of the year, please allow this to be a friendly reminder to check your student's fee assignments, via your Infinite Campus portal, for this year (and any previous years) and bring any settlement up to date.

Payments can be made:

-via your Infinite Campus Parent Portal (ACH or credit card only)

-paid directly at the main office (cash or check/money order only)

Muskego-Norway School District Covid-19 FAQs & Resources

Please make sure to review the Parent FAQ frequently to find answers to the most commonly asked questions. Updates are highlighted in blue. Our school psychologists have also created a presentation to provide resources on how to help your children cope with mental health during these challenging times.

Please complete the COVID form below if your child...

  1. Experienced the symptoms of COVID-19
  2. Diagnosed with or tested positive for COVID-19
  3. Had CLOSE CONTACT with a person that has been diagnosed with COVID-19

Please submit additional notifications using the same form if a change in circumstance occurs. This may include but is not limited to the following:
  1. If already in Quarantine and the quarantined person receives a positive test
  2. If already in Quarantine and the quarantined person experiences symptoms
  3. If a household member of someone in Quarantine or Isolation becomes symptomatic
  4. If a household member of someone in Quarantine or Isolation receives a positive test

COVID-19 Symptom or Status Notification Form

Student Services

From the Desk of your School Psychologist

This post is a continuation from the previous week's information on managing anxiety, and how we can partner together as families and school in helping our students work through their anxious symptoms. For this week, I’d like to share the notion of “riding the wave of anxiety.”

There are important steps in helping someone manage anxiety. The first is to help them learn how to identify what triggers their anxious responses. Knowing the triggers allows the person to engage in coping strategies leading up to a trigger (if it is inevitable, like a test in school) to manage the anxiety before it heightens. Anxiety is like a wave. It starts at baseline (calm, then slightly stressed), then it increases (slowly and steadily for some and for others, quickly), and then it eventually tapers off.

Anxiety can look and feel really scary at times--especially panic. Our natural response when we see someone panicking or having an anxiety attack is to step in and try to take control of the anxiety for that person. This person with good intention, however, becomes the “rescue” person...and what we know about anxiety is if a rescue person intervenes during an anxiety attack, then the person with anxiety becomes dependent on that person to “help” them through the anxiety in the future. The anxiety feels harder to manage on their own, and they only remember the worst part of the anxiety attack. In contrast, when a person with anxiety is taught and practices emotional regulation (or coping) strategies when they are calm, and then knows how and when to apply them during anxiety, they are “riding the wave” of anxiety.

  • R: Recognize the anxiety

  • I: Involve yourself in your surroundings (grounding/mindfulness techniques)

  • D: Distract yourself from the anxiety (use predetermined coping strategies)

  • E: End--acknowledge the anxiety has subsided

Big picture

As you can see, when a person starts taking control of their anxiety and they “ride that wave,” future experiences of anxiety and panic will lessen in the degree of severity. They learn that anxiety doesn’t last forever and that anxiety doesn’t control them.

If you or someone you know experiences anxiety, please consider looking at this newsletter together. Student services at Lake Denoon appreciates working with parents to meet the ultimate goal of empowering the student with anxiety to manage it on their own. If you are in need of additional resources, like individual or group therapies, to help treat and manage anxiety or any other mental health concern, please reach out to Lake Denoon Student Services. 262-971-1820, x7011.

In solidarity

~Dr. R

What's Happening at Lake Denoon

In a hectic world, here's a real challenge: Project i 8th grade gravity investigation - Make the marble go as SLOWLY as possible!

Mrs. O'Bryan read "Oh the Places You Will Go" to Ms. Schmidt's class. What a respectful and curious class! They had some great questions about middle school. Can't wait for them to join Lake Denoon next year!

It's the board game version of Oregon Trail in Mr. Dooley's room.

Thanks, Lake Denoon PTO, for purchasing this for our students!

That look when a snake bite

takes you out of the Oregon Trail...

Community Events

Big picture

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