Computer Hard

Alexander Ritchie

Hard Drive & SSD

A Hard Drive is usually found in a laptop or desktop. Its job is to store data from the computer. The Hard Drive stores things like: Photos, Games, Music and Soft ware’s. However there are two types. One of the types is a Hard Drive. A hard Drive is mostly found in desktops and PC's. They are very big and chunky but store a large amount of data. They are not so common now with the new SSD being slimmer and lighter. SSD has been designed for this purpose. The reason iphone can hold so much but still be very slim and light is because of SSD. Therefore the Hard Drive is becoming less common.

Optical Drive

Optical Drive And What It Does

The Optical Drive is the devise that you would put your discs and DVDs in. The Optical Drive will read the discs data and transfer onto the computer for you to access. You can find your Optical Drive in the side of your PC or in the side of the computer key board if you have a laptop.



The Monitor is the screen that shows you everything you are doing on your Computer, phone and TV. Because of this it is probably one of the most important parts of technology with screens. The screen opens exactly what it is told to. The Monitor is also one of the most powerful parts of the computer because of the amount of things it can show and do.