Mobile Apps for Learning


Explain Everything

This app acts as an interactive whiteboard and screencasting tool with functions that allow you to import and insert, move and animate, draw and annotate, zoom and plan, record and play as well as export and share. This mobile app could be used in the classroom to explain any concept. For example the teacher could explain the food chain by importing a document containing pictures of the animals the students have been studying the teacher could then draw arrows within the document showing the students the direction in which the chain operates, the teacher could add voice recordings to narrate each step of the chain and allow students to play it back as many times as needed.


This app allows you to turn your iPad into an interactive whiteboard by allowing you to voice record over top of whiteboard tutorials and share them online. This app could be used in the classroom by students who are struggling with certain concepts, the child can watch the concept over and over as many times as they would like since the tutorial is shared online. Students could also show their parents the concepts that they are learning, so that there can be more parent involvement in students learning.


This app allows for the creation of flashcards that you can later study. This app can be used in education by teachers to help students to learn new words and the definitions for reading comprehension testing or for spelling bees.

K12 Equivalence Tiles

This app allows for comparison of the values of percents, decimals, and fractions up to 1 by using tiles of different values. This app can be used in education to teach the relations of decimals and fractions.

iStudiez Pro

This app allows you to track and keep track of your schedule, homework and grades. This tool can be used in education by the students, parents and teachers to keep track of students progress and grades.