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September 22, 2019

SWPBS - Punch Cards

SWPBS includes universal management strategies designed to meet the needs of all students and develop a common language and focus for all school staff, students, families, and community members. Universal strategies are designed to be implemented consistently and efficiently across all school settings. This includes teaching specific behaviors or social skills that will lead to success in school, providing frequent positive reinforcement for expected behavior, consistently addressing social errors, and arranging teaching and learning environments to ensure success for all.

At McIntire, students earn a punch on their Hornet Punch Card when they are being safe, respectful, and responsible. These punches help teachers remember to give positive specific feedback to students which reinforce expected behaviors and helps students experience academic and social success. This quarter, when students fill their Punch Cards they choose an incentive experience. Incentives include a note home from their teacher, a special show and tell, and selfie with a teacher.

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Ask your child....

Kindergarten - about their first science experiment!

1st grade - what the Tooth Wizard taught them this week.

2nd grade - about the force it takes to knock down a wall.

3rd grade - to tell you the different types of communities people live in.

4th grade - explain the 5 regions of the United States.

5th grade - the difference between a cubic unit and a square unit.

What's Happening at McIntire?

This Week at McIntire:

Monday - Friday, 9/23 through 9/27 - Back to the Bricks 2019 Homecoming Spirit Week

Thursday, 9/26 - 8:30 AM SWPBS Assembly - September Student of the Month

Friday, 9/27 - McIntire Fall Pictures

Friday, 9/27 - Homecoming - Dismiss 90 minutes early (McIntire - 1:50 PM)

Friday, 9/27 - Black and Gold Friday - wear your black and gold

Next Week at McIntire:

Tuesday, 10/1 PTO Chocolate Bar Sales begin (watch for info from PTO)

This link will take you to the district calendar so that you know when school is in and out of session.

This link will take you to the district activities calendar.

Please follow @McIntireElementary on Facebook to see photos and updates on what's happening in our building and classrooms. Please notify us in writing if you do not wish for your child's photo to be posted online.

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Arrival at McIntire School

Teachers arrive at McIntire School at 7:40 am unless they have a 7:30 meeting. Therefore, there is no supervision for students who arrive before 7:45 am. Please do not drop students off before 7:45.

We have a before and after-school childcare program (BAC-PAC) for students who need to arrive before 7:45 am. Please call Julie Bell at 590-8080 if you would like to enroll your child in the BAC-PAC program.