Mrs. Mayer's Monday Morning Memo

May 9, 2016

16.5 days!!

Happy Mother's Day

Happy "late" Mother's Day to all you mom's! I hope you had a fantastic weekend.


** The three principal's will be at NJPA for a meeting, on Tuesday. Mrs. Weston will be the administrative designee on this day, as part of her administrative practicum. If you need anything, please let Janet know, and she will get a hold of Nichole.

** TESTING: I am still not making announcements because some are not finished with Fast testing. I will send out the names for last week's winners. Also, please send me an email when your grade level completes testing.

**Hiring: We have three candidates going to the board for approval, this evening. This will fulfill our 4th grade, 7/8 Math, and 7/8 Social Studies positions. We are doing interviews, on Thursday, for the Title/PE position.

** Science Curriculum Team will be meeting on Wednesday, the 18th. Science Reps in K-3, stop by when you get a chance and let me know how things are going.


Alicia will be here Friday for Mobile Tech. Please see the schedule that was sent out last week in Google Docs. Also, don't forget about "Seussification of Romeo and Juliet," at 2 pm, on Friday.

** Spring fever is definitely upon us. Behaviors are on the rise. Please closely supervise your students at all times.

** Changes will be made to the supply list to make it more uniform.

** Last week's learning survey, went great. Our next staff meeting will be Thursday, May 19th, after school. We will share results with you at that time. We will also discuss the last few days of school.

** Please allow kids to return books to the library each morning, as they bring them.

The Magnificent Seven

Tonight's production of the "Magnificent Seven," begins at 6:30, in the big gym. Rehearsals went great. Our students are ready to show the community how hard they have worked!!
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N is for Net

This is totally fitting, for Teacher Appreciation Week!!

Empower your students to walk the tightrope, swing on the trapeze, and do acrobatics in your classroom. They'll take risks if they know you're there to catch them when they fall.

Burgess, Dave, Shelley Burgess, and Genesis M. Kohler. P Is for Pirate: Inspirational ABC's for Educators. San Diego: Dave Burgess Consulting, 2014.

Happy Birthday- May/August

May 20- Janet

May 21- Michelle N.

August 3- Maggie

August 11- Ian

August 14- Kristina S.

August 16- Elise

August 22- Michelle K.

August 25- Mary Jo

Mayer's week, in a nut shell:

Today will be an office day. The three principals will be out tomorrow, and Mrs. Weston will be filling our roles. Thursday will be a day of interviews. I plan on being out when I can. Please let me know if you need specifics and I will try to make everyone happen. Have a fantastic week.