Visit to Elmshorn

Where is Elmshorn?

Elsmhorn is in Germany, 32 km north of Hamburg.

How can we get there?

First we need to go to Tallinn by train and from Tallinn we can fly to Hamburg. Elmshorn is near Hamburg so we can go here by bus.

10 facts of Elmshorn history.

1. Its a birthplace of many people like the mathematician Hermann Weyl a writer Hermann Schlüter and the medievalist Heinz Woehlk.

2. The Elmshorn coat of arms (picture It's made on 23 June 1954.

3. Elmshorn football club FC Elmshorn is made on 1920.

4. You can visit Konrad Struve Museum.

5. Elmshorn was first mentioned in 1141 as Elmshorner.

6. The city was chartered Elmshorn on 11 April 1870 John Bornhöft was the first mayor of the city.

7. In the period from 1975 to 1977 large parts of the old town were demolished.

8. The full Stadteornung received Elmshorn on 23 March 1888th.

9. Since 1650, the north of Krückau located part Elmshorns belonged to the country of Rantzau.

10. In the 19th century Elmshorn experienced rapid population growth during the Industrial Revolution.

What to see in Elmshorn?

You can go to

1. Insider Bistro Cafe.

2. Flamme-Bar

3. Badepark Elmshorn

4. Cineplex

5. Stadttheater

5 facts of Elmshorn today.

1. They have theater now Stadttheater.

2. They have cinema Cineplex.

3. They are interested playing baseball and they have club named Alligators Ballpark.

4. They have many famous eating places like Flamme-Bar or Insider Bistro Cafe.

5. They have many attractions like Badepark Elmshorn.


1. What do you usually do when you go outside.

2. How much you visit theaters and cinemas.

3. What is the most common eating place.

4. Which place is your favourite place in Elmshorn.

5. How are the people in Elmshorn.