St. Petersburg Times

January 13th, 1835


3 Boys Ran Away From Home & Have Drowned in the Mississippi River

On January 12th 1835, three town boys, going by the names of Thomas Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn, and Joe Harper, were reported missing late at night. The police received a call from Thomas's legal guardian Miss. Polly, and were straight on the job after the given details. They searched all through the night finding no sign of any of the young boys. One policeman exclaimed that if the boys were not found by Sunday, they shall be declared dead. Until then, the police and volunteers from the town shall continue searching along the banks of the Mississippi River, in addition to the fact that Joe Harper's mother reported that they played on the shore in their free time.

Interview with Sir. Mark Twain

Question 1: Mr. Twain, in your new book, I enjoyed your allusion to Robin Hood when the boys were playing games on the island. Why did you choose that particular allusion?

Mr. Twain's answer: Well, I remember doing the same thing as a child. I generally played the role of Little John, a close companion to Robin. I felt that the tale of Robin Hood was something interesting to add into the book.

Question 2: Why did you write The Adventures of Tom Sawyer?

Mr. Twain's answer: Well, I felt that people would enjoy a little fiction tale about a cheeky, adventurous boy. The story is based off my childhood and some of my friends.

Question 3: How did you create the amazing character known as Thomas Sawyer?

Mr. Twain's answer: Okay, Tom Sawyer is a mixture of my friends and I. He has my friend's goofiness, my brains, and my other friend's charm.

Map of St.Petersburg, Missouri.

By Daniel Davies