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May/June 2021 Edition

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Welcome to our final edition of the Findley Kids Newspaper for the 2020/2021 school year. It sure has been a crazy year, but we really loved bringing you news and information about our school.

In this edition we will share with you advice on how to be the best Findley Dragon you can be, art activities, summer reading, comics, creative writing and much more.

We hope you enjoy and thanks for reading!

Advice by Grace

My name is Grace Gierach and I am leaving Findley this year with the rest of the 5th grade class. I would like to give everyone some tips on how to enjoy the rest of their years here from what I have learned over the past 6 years.

First, treat everyone as if you were in their shoes. You never know what people are going through or feeling.

Second, always try to do extra credit homework. A challenged mind is a healthy mind!

Next, always help out or sign up when someone needs a hand. They will be very grateful for you.

If you forget to do something, leave your excuses at the door. The teacher does not want to hear your reasons why you did not finish your work. Just tell the truth because it is easier to remember.

Next, let your imagination run wild during recess. Your mind will be at peace when you enter the classroom again.

Let your teachers know that you care about them because it will mean the world to them.

Enjoy your time here because you never know when a pandemic will interrupt your amazing experiences. You do not miss it until it's gone.

Have fun!

Poetry by Bethan

Goodbye Findley

Goodbye, Findley, Goodbye

Time does fly.

For six years, from September to June

We will be away soon.

We’ve been through everything, like quarantine

Following the guidelines of the cdc.

But we’ve stuck together

No matter the weather.

And with the last ring of the bell

Farewell, Findley, Farewell

Comic by Ayushi

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Findley Flashback by Aditya

Once Upon A Time there was a boy. He moved from another city in Oregon to a Findley neighborhood. He was about to start kindergarten. Like any other kid he was scared to start his first day of kindergarten. His parents told him that it was alright. He believed that.

So, he had trust in him that he would have a great day. He had made some friends that he still has today. To make friends you have to be kind and respectful to everyone. It was one big journey for him to get through K-5. Once in kindergarten, a Dragon Rider helped him to get around the school because he was new to the school. He then thought that he should aim to be a Dragon Rider. Six years later, he is a Dragon Rider writing this flashback to you.

Advice by Rowynn

Hi Findley Dragons! I am Rowynn! I want to give some advice for new Findley Dragons and old Findley Dragons. Here are some important things to know:

  1. Always be yourself: We have nice kids and staff here at Findley who would never make fun of you. So, show your true colors proudly!

  1. If you need help, ask for it: If you ever need help our staff and Dragon Riders will help you. Or, if you need to talk to the counselor, don’t be afraid, we have amazing counselors!! So, if you ever need help, ask someone and they will help you!

  1. Don’t be stressed if your teacher gives you homework: It is really important that you don’t get stressed, if you do, you might not get it done!!! Shocking, I know, but I needed this advice. Stress is not good for you. So, don’t be stressed if your teacher gives you homework.

  1. Have a good mindset when something is hard: It is really important to try and never give up, but if you don’t have the right mindset everything will fall apart. If a math question is hard, ask for help. Don’t be embarrassed, standing up for yourself and asking for help are important, and with the right mindset you can grow your brain!! Your brain will love that! The mindset that you should have is, I am ready to learn. A way you can show this is, your eyes are on the teacher, you have your pencil and paper, and you are focused. Every teacher you’ll get will love you for that. So, have a good mindset when something is hard.

That is my advice and I hope you will take it and treasure it forever. All the advice I gave you can work in middle school, high school, and even college! Rowynn signing off, bye Findley Dragons!!!

Jokes & Riddles by Manu

Q:Which bird can go up to 120 miles an hour?

A: The hurri-crane

Q:What did one tomato say to the other?


Q:What did one eye say to the other?
A:I don’t know if it’s just me, but something in between us smells.

Q:I am always running, but I never walk, I have a bed but I never sleep. What am I?
A: I am a river.

Q:There are only two mothers in a car, two daughters, and one grandmother. There are only three people in the car. How is this possible?

A: The grandmother and the mother are mothers, the mother and the daughter are daughters, but there is only one grandmother.

How To Make Colorful Paper Flowers! by Harshini & Samhita

Harshini & Samhita

Fortunately......Unfortunately by Aneesh

Fortunately: I woke up in time for school which is at 6:30 am

Unfortunately: It was a weekend

Fortunately: I got to watch TV

Unfortunately: The power line went out

Fortunately: We had a generator

Unfortunately: My favorite show was over by then

Fortunately: I was able act it out, and record it with my friend

Unfortunately: My friend slipped and fell on the concrete

Fortunately: We got the whole thing recorded

Unfortunately: I had to go home because it was starting to get cold

Fortunately: It started to warm up

Unfortunately: We had to go to Uncle Sam’s farm because it warmed up

Fortunately: There was a fair in town

Unfortunately: There were huge lines for every single ride

Fortunately: There was a station to send in a clip of a movie you made, and there was a prize!

Unfortunately: The results took a long to process

Fortunately: I won!

Unfortunately: The prize was a bunch of cows

Fortunately: I donated them to my uncle and felt proud

Unfortunately: The alien summoning scene in the movie, actually summoned real aliens

Fortunately: I got to see real aliens!

Unfortunately: The aliens ate cows and took all of mine

Fortunately: I woke up

Types of Hybrid and CDL by Mihir & Rishan

Types of CDL (May Edition)

Ways To Be Active by Asmitha

Quarantine has made most people less active. Due to being stuck at home, there are still ways to be active! Here are five ways you can stay active during this time.

  1. In home scavenger hunt! -You can make your own scavenger hunt, and challenge your family members to a fun scavenger hunt!-

  2. Obstacle course! -I love to make obstacle courses! You can make your own obstacle and is always a great challenge!-

  3. A virtual dance party! -You can make a zoom meeting and invite some friends! Just play some music and BOOM! Dance party!-

  4. Backyard games! -You can do soccer, hopscotch, etc in your very own front or back yard! It is also a great way to get outside!-

  5. Yoga! -Yoga is very calming, and there are many YouTube tutorials! You can do it with your family!-

I really hope that you guys try these! They are really fun and a great way to stay active! Thanks for reading Dragons!

Bystanders and Upstanders by Rowynn

Rowynn signing on! Hi Findley Dragons!!! I want to talk a little about bullies. Bullies are people who are being mean, and making fun of you. I am sure all of you know that already. If not, our counselors will also talk about this. But, there are different ways of being a bully, there are bullies on the internet, bullies in school, and bullies outside of school. Those are some ways people can be bullies.

So, who is going to change that? You and me. We have the power to stop bullies and stand up to bullies. When a person stands up to a bully it’s called being an upstander. That is what we all need to be to put good things out in the world.

But, there are some people who just sit and watch, or laugh along with the bully. That is called a bystander. That is not who we want to be. It doesn’t put good out in the world. It also makes the person who is being bullied sad, embarrassed, and maybe a little mad.

So, you might be asking, but, what if it is a stranger? It doesn’t matter, if you see another kid getting bullied, be an upstander, not a bystander. You will make a new friend and put good out in the world?

I know your other question would be, what if it is an adult, should I be an upstander then? No, you don’t have to be an upstander, adults can figure it out and stand up for themselves. But, if it starts to get bad, get another trusted adult that is with you to help the other adult out. You would still be an upstander if you did that, taking action for that adult.

So, all Findley Dragons let's try to be upstanders, not bystanders. And remember, we are small but we can do great things in the world. Rowynn signing off, bye Findley Dragons!

How YOU Can Be The Change In The World by Akanksha

How can you be a change in the world? You might be thinking, “Someone else can do that.” But the truth is, maybe that “someone else” is thinking the same thing. Change will only happen if you do something about it. Now, there are many things that you can change in the world. Fortunately, there are many things you can do as well! Even the tiniest things-like a poster- can make a huge difference. Because the kindness that you produce spreads around the world. Remember, that kindness and action is what we need in the world. And kids like us are people who can be the change in the world. Believe it or not, even the smallest things, can make the whole world gleam.

COVID Activities by Rishan

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Creative Writing: Mouse & Squirrel by Sanjana

A long time ago, in a lush green forest, where the sun shone bright, and birds chirped beautiful melodies all day, there lived two friends, Mouse and Squirrel. They were the naughtiest animals in the forest. Mouse and Squirrel were partners in crime, they tricked their teachers, played pranks on their peers, and never listened to their parents. Every soul in the forest knew them. Some even feared them, worried that if they got on Mouse and Squirrels bad side, they would get hurt.

One day, the friends stepped a tad too far, they trapped the village elders, injuring them gravely in the process. All the people from Mouse and Squirrel´s villages decided it was high time to teach them a lesson. Later that day, when Mouse and Squirrel were heading home, they got caught in a net. It fit them both perfectly, and it never broke. It didn't matter how hard Mouse chewed on the rope-he only made it sloberry, or how much Squirrel tried squeezing through the gaps, the net didn't budge. Soon both friends were tired, and scared.

¨What is the meaning of this?¨ Mouse cried.

¨We haven’t done anything,¨ wailed Squirrel.

Eventually, the village animals came to see what the ruckus was all about. What they saw made them burst out laughing. ¨Did you get caught in your own trap?¨ they asked. ¨Look at this everyone, Mouse and Squirrel got caught in their own prank.” Mouse and Squirrel kept trying to tell them that they never set up pranks here, but it was too late.

In time, the entire forest had gathered around Mouse and Squirrel. Mouse and Squirrel wished that they could shrink to the size of an insect. ¨Please, stop.¨ Mouse and Squirrel pleaded, but nobody listened. When the laughing died down, Mouse and Squirrel once again asked for everyone to let them down. The villagers refused, ¨You pranked us, and humiliated us in front of everybody. Let's see how you like it.¨ So, for eight nights and eight days Mouse and Squirrel were the laughing stock of the forest. They were given some blankets for the nights, and just enough food to last them through the day. Whenever a passerby came to see them, Mouse and Squirrel would hide their faces in shame, and apologize.

On the ninth day, Mouse and Squirrel had had enough. You can only apologize so many times, they thought. So, Mouse and Squirrel decided to ask the village elders to release them from the net. They even saved some of the food from lunch, deciding that if worst came to worst, they would throw the food at the elders, and force them to free Mouse and Squirrel. Later that day, when the elders came, Mouse and Squirrel went ahead with their plan. They started by asking nicely, trying to convince the elders that they could not stay in the net for eternity.

¨Please, sir,¨ they pleaded. ¨Let us go, we promise not to play any more pranks, no more stupid things. Please sir, please.¨ Mouse and Squirrel were on the verge of tears. The elders, however, did not see that Mouse and Squirrel were sincere with their promises.

¨No, we will not listen to you. We have forgiven you too many times now, time and time again you have proven us wrong. So, no we will not let you go, no matter how much you ask.¨ The elders said sharply.

Mouse and Squirrel clenched their teeth, and fought back their tears. We have suffered enough, you have taught us our lesson! We now know that not all pranks are funny, can´t you realize we are truthful! Slowly, Mouse and Squirrel pulled out the extra fruits, and started hucking them at the elders. The elders shrieked and yelled, trying to order them to stop. Mouse and Squirrel did not stop until both villages had gathered in front of them. Tired and groggy, the villagers assembled in front of the net.

¨Listen guys, we know we have done some wrong things in the past, and that you feel that we should be punished, but the thing is, we have been punished. You have left us in this net for eight nights and nine days. We know you still think that we haven't learned our lesson, but we have. We know that tricking people can hurt, and that it's not always funny.¨

¨We still won't forgive you,¨ someone from the audience yelled. ¨You have humiliated us in ways you can´t imagine, and you have hurt us too.¨

¨Then let us leave the forest.¨ Mouse and Squirrel said. ¨You won't be bothered by us, and we will not be trapped inside this net, a win~win for everyone.¨ The villagers looked at Mouse and Squirrel in surprise. Only someone who is truly sorry for their crimes would say something like that, they decided. The village elders looked back at Mouse and Squirrel´s faces, and saw the hope etched in their smiles, and their eyes glistened for the first time in days.

Finally they decided that Mouse and Squirrel would stay in the forest, and would never play pranks on people, only on a certain day in the entire year would Mouse and Squirrel be allowed to trick someone. Mouse and Squirrel grinned at each other, and thanked the villagers for forgiving them.

¨Thank you sir!¨ Mouse and Squirrel exclaimed.¨We promise never again to trick or hurt anybody,¨ and they never did. This incident changed Mouse and Squirrel forever, they became the most widely respected animals in the village, and they were known for being obedient and respectful.

Fun Things To Do This Summer by Rewa

Hey dragons! I can’t believe this is our last newspaper for the year! This school year is almost finished! So to honor summer I give you some fun things to do in the sun. (note not all of these activities are in the sun though) now, time to get your summer on!

  1. Pool party! Invite a few of your friends(keep the limit under 6) and blow up an inflatable pool! Bring any water war tools and provide tasty snacks!

  2. Movie marathon! Pick your favorite movie trilogy and have a marathon; like Harry Potter, Star Wars , or The Avengers!

  3. Go berry picking. You can go to a local farm near you (with a mask) and pick some berries. There’s nothing better than sweet juicy raspberries.

  4. Different cuisine night. For one night cook a different cuisine! Like Mexican or Indian. It will be fun and tasty, and it’ll be like eating at a restaurant!

  5. Go hiking. There is nothing more beautiful than the great outdoors!

  6. Have a picnic! Go outside, bring a blanket and enjoy food! Sweet nature and sweet food are the best combo!

  7. Karaoke night. Jam out to some of your favorite tunes! Warm up that singing voice!

  8. Spend a night under the stars! Grab a tent and sleeping bag, and enjoy your night under the stars. (tip: If you wanna add more to this idea you can plan a campout with your family!)

  9. Family + friends (If you want) game night! Bring some close friends, your family, snacks, and some board games! What a perfect game night!

  10. Have the best summer possible! I know it’s kinda hard not being able to go to awesome summer camps or have cool pool parties, but your summer can still be awesome! More things are opening up now that more people have got their vaccines! I’m not saying it’ll all be open, but you can still make them best of it!

Well, thanks for reading Findley Dragons! Hope you have an amazing summer and a great rest of your year!

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Ways To Show Your Findley Pride by Story

Hi Findley Dragons! This is Story, and I’m here to tell you about how YOU can show your Findley pride and Spirit! In this article, you can learn how to make your own Findley Dragon T-shirt and ways you can show Findley spirit inside and outside of school!

How to Make Your Own Findley Dragon T-shirt!

Do you want to make your very own Findley Dragon T-shirt? If so, follow along with these simple instructions, and you’ll be making your own shirts in no time!

First off, we need to get the right supplies. You’ll need to get a blank white t-shirt, which you can find at art stores like Michaels or your favorite place to get craft materials, or at other general stores, such as Target. Be sure to check what your clothing size is, so that you can get the right sized shirt! You wouldn’t want a shirt that is too small, but shirts that are a bit too big are good too. That way, you can wear it for a longer period of time!

Secondly, you will need some type of fabric markers, puff paint, or other art supplies that you want to use so that you can make the design on your shirt. You can use lots of different things to do this, but make sure that you have parent permission/supervision while doing this craft. It could get a bit messy, so you’ll need something, such as a newspaper or a disposable tablecloth, to cover up your surface!

Now we are ready to get started! If you want, you can sketch out the design you want on a piece of paper or directly on the shirt (in pencil) beforehand, or you can jump right into the crafting part!

Once you’re ready to make your design, you can go ahead and start! If you’re using fabric markers, then use as many or as little colors as you wish! If using puff paint, then squeeze the bottle of the color that you want, and the paint will come out. When this dries, it will have a nice texture effect!

To make it show your Findley pride, here are some ways you can design your shirt!

  1. Add a dragon! As we are the Findley Dragons, a dragon would truly symbolize your school spirit!

  2. Use the school colors! Our school colors are green, blue, and purple, so you can use those colors to show your Findley pride!

  3. Write sayings like “I ❤ Findley,” “We got this,” or “Go Dragons!”

  4. Show Sparky or you doing a kind action on the front or back of the shirt! Findley is really about being a kind, responsible, and respectful person!

  5. And lastly, adding your own style! Findley’s spirit is all about expressing yourself and being who you really are!

Make sure to let your shirt dry before you wash it or put it on. Once it is fully dry, you have your very own Findley Pride shirt!

No matter what you choose to do, I know your shirt will turn out great. If you follow these instructions, and even add your own twist to the basic shirt process - maybe you could even try to make a tie-dye shirt with the Findley colors by folding it into a ball, securing it with rubber bands, then painting it! - you’ll be making your own shirts and expressing your Findley Pride in no time! You can make tons of things with this craft, like if you have a blank hat, socks, etc, but make sure you always have a parent’s permission and supervision firsthand

How to Show Findley Spirit Inside and Outside of School!

Findley is all about being a respectful, kind, caring, and responsible person, so you can show your Findley spirit by using these traits inside and outside of school! You can show that you have all of these traits in many ways, and here are just a few of them!


If you want to show that you are respectful, there are many ways you can do this! You can be quiet when in the library, when a teacher is talking, or when you are even just talking with a friend. As important as participating in activities is, you should allow others to talk and add their ideas too. Listening is an important trait of a Findley dragon, so be sure to have your listening ears on at all times! Paying attention to people when they are speaking or presenting is great too, as is letting the person know that you are listening by making subtle signals like head nods, thumbs up, or smiles. It benefits both the speaker and the listener - since the listener knows what the speaker is talking about, and the speaker knows that people are listening to them.

Another way to be respectful is to be thoughtful of another person’s identity, culture, or customs. This is respectful of who they are, and makes them feel good. If someone has a custom that you are not familiar with, you can ask them about it, but do not make fun or tease them about it. Being respectful makes everyone feel happy - you, and the person you’re being respectful to.

Kind and Caring:

Kindness and being caring kind of go together, as being kind comes with being thoughtful towards someone else. Kindness is helping someone with something they don’t understand, inviting someone to play with you, doing chores without being asked, or doing anything through actions or words that will make others feel good. All of these actions come with being thoughtful towards someone else, for you need to think about others to help out and do something kind! This will make you feel good too, as doing acts of kindness can brighten up anyone's day.


Being responsible is a big part of being a Findley Dragon, as it is the base of good decision making and making good choices. Responsibility is getting your school work done on time, and choosing whether something is the right decision. If something that someone else is doing seems wrong, don’t be afraid to say no. You know what’s right for you, and you know what you’re comfortable with. You have to take care of what you need to do, and think about what things and activities are right for you!

Now you’re on your way to showing all of your Findley pride and Findley spirit! That’s all for now, Findley Dragons! Have a great summer!

Summer Reading Suggestions by Keshav

Hi Dragons! Summer starts in less than a month, and you are going to need something fun to keep you occupied. Fortunately, you can READ! Here are some good books you should read in the summer. I hope you read these books and also have an amazing summer break.

Bye Dragons!

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Thanks for reading everyone. Have a fantastic summer break!

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