Selena Marie Gomez

By: lily

When and where was she born?

Selena Marie Gomez was born on July 22, in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Important quotes

~be yourself because everyone else is taken.

~you won't know anything if you don't try.

~you have every right to a beautiful life.

~I was never the girl that wanted look like the other girls I think you look best when you stand out.

Her personal backround

When she was nine she kicked off her acting career by premiering on barney and friends and that is how ever body kind of got to know her. Her mom gave birth to her at age 16. Selena is very close with demi lovato they have been friends since they were little, they were both on barney and friends at the same time!

Her personality traits

Selena can be happy or sad or wierd or even annoying but barely.

Her importance in society

She is a good tv show actress and she sings good songs and she entertains many people.

Her obstacles

She doesn't have many obstacles just that she is in relationships a lot and that can get to be a lot to take care of and deal with.

Selena's career

Selena gomez is an actress and a singer. Selena has been on many television shows, she has been on barney and friends, she was the satar of wizards of waverly place. in wizards of waverly place she played Alex Russo. Selena is also on disney’s friends for change. She really likes working with disney. Selena is also on the demi and selena show.

Fun facts

~ your probably sitting there wondering why the main color on this smore is green... Right? Well I'll tell you why, selena gomez's favorite color is green!

~ selena has nick names they are sel, selenita, selly, and conchita!

~ selena is Mexican American and itallian! Her dad is Italian and her mom is Mexican American!

~ selena dated actor Taylor lautner until 2009.

~ she also dated pop star justin bieber until 2012.

~selena gomez preformed for Sears with zendaya coleman.

~Cory montieth co~starred with selena gomez.

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- Other Fun Facts -
-Selena is an only child.
-Selena’s favourite colour is green.
-Debuted in Barney & Friends at age 7.
-Discovered by Disney in a nationwide talent search when she was 10.
-Appeared in an episode of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and in two episodes of Hannah Montana before landing her own show, The Wizards of Waverly Place.
-Sings the theme song for The Wizards of Waverly Place, “Everything Is Not What It Seems” & the theme song for Disney’s “Shake It Up!”
-Wears a purity ring that says “True Love Waits.”
-She has 4 dogs, one is named chip.
-Her fav candies are snickers and good n’ plenty but she also luvs chocolate.
-Selena likes hip-hop and punk music.
-Remains close to her childhood friend and fellow Disney star – Demi Lovato.
-Selena puts salt on her lemons.
-Selena is of Mexican and Italian decent.
-She Rescued Her Dog Named Chip From An Animal Shelter.
-She Enjoys Cheerleading, Surfing And Skateboarding.
-Has Four Dogs, Chip, Fina, Willie And Wallace. Her Favorite Subject Is Science.
-Her Favorite Sport Is Basketball.
-Her Role Model And Favorite Actress is Rachel McAdams.
-While Filming The Animated Movie ‘Horton Hears A Who!’ (2008), She Played Steve Carrell’s Daughter But She Never Got To Meet Him.
-Before Landing The Role Of Alex Russo in “Wizards Of Waverly Place” (2007), Selena wasn’t a Fan Of Neither Magic Or The Harry Potter Franchise.
-In The Movie ‘Horton Hears A Who!’ (2008) Selena Played All 90 Of The Mayor’s Daughters.
-Her Favorite Band Is Paramore.
-Loves To Sing ‘Rockstar’ By Hannah Montana And Anything By Paramore.
-Selena Turned Down A Role In “High School Musical 3: Senor Year” Because She Felt It Was A Great Opportunity For Someone Else, And She Wanted To Tackle Something More “Serious”