Maniac Magee

By: Jerry Spinelli


Maniac Magee is a book about an orphan and the challenges he faces in life.  His parents die when he is a young child, so he is forced to move in with his aunt and uncle.  They fight constantly.  He decides to run away.  He runs so far that he wears his shoes out! You can hear him coming from far away because his shoe sole flaps every step he takes.  He makes a friend one day named Amanda, and he decides to stay in this town.  This town is very segregated. Even though Magee is a white boy, he stays in the black side of town.  This leads to multiple challenges and fights.  Maniac Magee seems to be the best at everything he tries.  Soon everyone in town knows him due to his accomplishments.  Due to a series of events he is forced to run away from the town that he has grown to love.  He meets a lonely, old man.  The two become best friends.  They play sports, celebrate holidays, and even live together.  Read the book to see if Maniac remains happy or if more crazy events happen throughout his life.


If I were Maniac Magee...

I would be so scared if I were Maniac Magee! I cannot imagine being homeless and sleeping outside.  Reading this book has made me so thankful of the family and friends and blessings that I have.  I want to be a nice person like Amanda and help people like Maniac Magee all that I can!