Why is Heroin so bad?

By: Faith Mancarella

What happens when you take Heroin?

Smack, Scag, H, Junk, Horse, whatever you want to call it, the effects of Heroin are awful. Some short term effects are rushes of good feeling, being sleepy, clouded thinking, and more. Once you take Heroin you're addicted, and you will also experience long term effects. Some long term effects include throwing up often, coma, itchy skin, trouble breathing, and the risk of getting HIV, AIDS, or hepatitis.

Why would you do this to yourself?

Heroin is an opiate, but also has some effects of a depressant. An opiate is made from an opium poppy flower, and slows down your heart rate. You run the risk of getting HIV, AIDS, and hepatitis because Heroin is mixed with water and injected in you through a needle. Everybody hates flu shots, imagine injecting a needle into your body several times a day because you were stupid enough to try it once. You can also smoke or snort Heroin. Just the sound of this is disgusting, so stay away from Heroin.

Statistics about Heroin

  • If you take Heroin once, you're addicted.
  • More and more people are switching from OxyContin and Vicodin to Heroin because it is more affordable and gives off similar feelings when injected, smoked, or snorted.
  • Heroin is made from resin of poppy flower plants

Advice about Drugs

Drugs can ruin your whole life, and it's best to stay away from them. For more addictive drugs like Heroin, you can get addicted after taking it once. If you stay away from drugs, you can get far in life because you'll be able to keep your focus. You'll also be unable to play sports because of shortness of breath. Stay away from drugs, and your future will be bright.