Tech Tidbits from Your ITS {2016-2017 v.10}

Hour of Code!

Why take an hour in December to code? Here are my top 10 reasons for students to take the time to code!

10. Coding allows students to create content, not just consume it.

9. Coding is a place for students to take risks and fail safely.

8. Coding supports many principals of math.

7. Coding develops teamwork and collaboration.

6. Coding is inclusive.

5. Coding tells stories.

4. Coding is empowering.

3. Coding teaches problem solving and analytical thinking.

2. Coding builds confidence.

1. Coding is a new form of literacy and will be a large part of future jobs.

Instead of thinking about "why take an hour" to do this, the better question is why wouldn't you? The skills learned in coding are transferable to other subjects, helps build self confidence and ease frustration with struggling.

Schedule time now before December fills up!

Shout out to Ms. Borchers (WWES), Ms. Benshoff (WWES), Ms. Huggins (WWES), and Ms. Dorn (WWES) who have already scheduled Hour of Code after we get back from Thanksgiving Break!


  • 3rd Grade Windsor Woods has jumped aboard the Google Train! All three teachers worked in collaboration this week to get their Google Classrooms up and running. @WindsorWoodsES
  • Mrs. McClaskey's and Ms. Cameron's classes were introduced to Google Classroom. After learning how to login, they answered poll questions in the stream and created their own Google Doc to turn in as part of an assignment! @WindsorWoodsES
  • Ms. Cameron's 3rd Grade Class was assigned a copy of their own Google Slide assignment which they completed using the Explore Tool to help them research @WindsorWoodsES
  • Mrs. Daniels' class went on a live African Safari on Friday. We joined two other Virginia Beach Elementary Schools in the Kruger National Park in South Africa. Safari Guides drove around while cameras on the back of the jeeps broadcast to us via satellite. Students were able to ask questions to the Safari Guides via Skype and the guides answered them by name! @MalibuES

Jamie Frederick

Instructional Technology Specialist

Malibu Elementary School

Windsor Woods Elementary School