Sleeping Freshman Never Lie

By: David Lubar

Several persuasive techniques are used in this campaign to persuade Mr. Phillips 4th period English class that they should buy "Sleeping Freshman Never Lie" by "David Lubar
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So the book "Sleeping Freshman Never Lie" by "David Lubar" is basically about the ups and downs for high school freshman Scottie faces. As he makes his way through high school slowly putting together a survival guide for his soon to be baby brother. We also get to see him mature into a young responsible adult a zero to a hero.
"We plunged toward the future without a clue." is a very meaningful quote from author David Lubar. For more insightful quotes go and buy a copy of "Sleeping Freshman Never Lie"
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Book/Authors website

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Are you a freshman? Do you like to read? Do you want advice for high school? If you answered yes to any of these questions you should go and buy a copy of "Sleeping Freshman Never Lie" by "David Lubar". Be the first one in your class to get one today!!!