Come on! Be united with Brahmin. The Supreme Being.

Hindus most important belief and why they believe it. Why do people follow Hinduisms teachings.

Hindus believe in a all pervasive supreme being who is both immanent and transcendent, both creator um-manifest reality. This beings name is Brahmin. I think Hindus believe in Brahmin to feel connected, to feel like were all part of something broken into lots of bits but still one. Were are not just living life were all going towards this goal to be free from this contentious flow of life.

How do extremist in Hinduism justify there actions.

The RSS a Hindu extremist group justifies there actions because thy believe that the Brahmin caste is the supreme over every thing, and the only Hindus should live in India.
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Current event that is relevant to the religion.

At last report, Pastor Ashish Kumar Muna, 25, was in a jail in Rourkela district since November 15, after a Hindu fundamentalist belonging to the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) lodged a complaint accusing him of “conversions” in Udit Nagar police station in Jhirpani Taluka. But what really happened was that the Pastor Muna started praying for the lady in her house, her daughters shouted that he was trying to force her to accept Christianity. Immediately, the daughters called the neighbors and made accusations of forced conversion against the pastor. Hindus all over India have recentlely become aggresive toward all other religions.

The police arrested the pastor on charges of house-trespass. He was doing nothing to hurt them in any way.

I found out that lots of people have died to Hindu extremist even kids our age.

An piece of art that represents the religion

There not really a famous piece of art, but there is people make a lot of statue of these two gods in the same stance over and over again. Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha.
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Hindu poem

This poem is written from the perspective of Brahmin. Its describing how were all part of Brahmin and how were connected.

Weird fact

It depends on you to decide if this religion is monotheistic or polytheistic. How you might ask there many gods. Well there might be lots of gods but remember there just parts of Brahmin and hes the real god. If there's only one god I believe that its monotheistic, But its up to you.