Brain Jack Project

By: Joshua Hevron

Teenager Arrested For Hacking The White House.

President says that he just did not know what was happening. Security guards came barging into the oval office grabbing the president, yelling GET DOWN! After further investigation we now know that Sam is now in a correctional institute. He will be there until the new year. As of right now he will not have a court case. We do know that he will he having regular school classes that any kid his age will take. He did not want to do a interview for the paper.

Obituary R.I.P. Vienna

Vienna was a teen hacker that passed away one week ago on 12/10/15. Her parents do not want to share any thing about Vienna right now they say that they are just to emotional right now. The only thing that they told us is how she pasted, she was playing with her friends and got hit by a Ford truck speeding while drunk down Vienna's street. Visitation will be on friday. The service will be saturday at 11 o'clock

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