Please Stop Laughing at Me...

One Woman's Inspirational Story


Please Stop Laughing at Me tells the story of Jodee Blanco, and her troubles fitting in. Jodee stood out for almost all of her schooling years, but the story starts in 4th grade where she fit in just fine. When she moved into high school though, things got serious. Everyone picked on her, from the jocks to the nerds. She switched schools multiple times, but her fate remained as the target. The book ends on a good note though when Jodee goes to her high school reunion and all the people who bullied her are mature, and become her friends.

Character Summary

Jodee Blanco is the character nobody wants to read about, she's a misfit that can't even take a walk outside without being bullied. She doesn't have any friends, so her family means everything to her. Shes a very smart and caring person, and stays healthy when she's not depressed. She tries as hard as she can to make friends, but it's a bully or be bullied world that Jodee lives in. Jodee just can't fit in with the kids at her school, "I'm going to feel like an outsider" (Blanco, 45).


The conflict of the book is character vs. society. Jodee can't make any friends, and is constantly bullied by her peers. Jodee solves the issue when she goes to her high school reunion. She talks to everyone who bullied her, and they become friends. Jodee is even shocked when all the bullies change, "This can't be happening. First Jacklyn now A.J. These girls couldn't stand me in school. They humiliated me in school every chance they had. What happened to these memories?" (Blanco, 259)


The theme of the book is that bullying is a serious issue, and people don't like to get involved. Even the target doesn't like to admit its happening. Well nothing is going to change until you ask for help. Bullying doesn't stop because you don't do anything, doing nothing only makes it worse.

Textual Evidence

Many parts of the book stand out, and carry strong pieces of evidence that bullying is a serious problem. The part that stood out the most to me was when Jodee was friends with Marianne, but Jodee's other friends said that they would leave her if she was friends with one of the challenged kids. It really shows what real peer pressure was like. If Jodee picks either way, she loses something. There's no winning. A quote from the book that stood out to me was, "But I couldn't shake the feeling that it was a warning of things to come" (Blanco, 135). Jodee's life is so miserable, and she even thinks that more horrible things are coming. Her horrible memories are repeating, and she knows it.

Book Review

I would give this book a 2/5 star rating. When I read a book, I like to read something that will make me laugh, or something cool that I can tell my friends about. This book is just about the horrible life of a misfit girl. I don't understand why anyone would want to read this. All it did for me was to make me want to think about how horrible some peoples lives are. It constantly reminded me of my trip to New York City, and seeing all the homeless wandering the streets and how miserable they must be. This book only gets 2 stars because bullying is a large problem, and it tells the tale of the target accurately.

Multi Media

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By: Alex Dowling