Sony Corporation

By: Evan Loring

Everything is both geography and globalization.

The world working to make life itself better for everyone is globalization. Globalization requires geography which is Location, where it is, place, what is it like when you get there, movement, How do people and ideas get around, Human environment interactions, and Region.

Understanding globalization through Sony.

Sony Is One of the best Technologically advanced Company's out there. They have gaming systems, Sound speakers, Phones, Camera's, and Televisions.

Using Playstation 4 as a focus, I can identify the 4 categories of globalization and the Pros and Cons associated with my project.

  • Pro's Con's
  • Tecnology ,Pro.Best gaming system of the year. Con.Got hacked and info got leaked.

  • Economic ,Pro.Billion $ co. Con.Cheap labor, Greed

  • Environment,Pro. None,. Con. Need to take down trees to make powerlines for WiFi

  • Culture, Pro.Communicantion Con.Addiction

A Major Problem

Addiction to Gaming

  • Take breaks
  • Do other things
  • Take your mind off it
  • Have support
  • Stay Strong
  • Find a new hobby

Where I want to be in 15 years.

Me personally I would love to live in Canada because I love snow and the cold. There is alot of woods It could be near Toronto But I want to live in a smaller town where everything I need will be right near me. And another reason is that people in Canada are awesome and really nice. the food is great and the maple syrup is BOMB. Another reason why i want to live in a small town in Canada is that i will know just about everyone there. I also have some friends in Canada and I want to Meet them in real life. For a job I want to own a local shop.

What Globalization is to me?

Globalization is a way to modernize the world with new products and inventions To make the world More or Less Safe,Fun,Livable.