Introduction to the Resource Room

Student Services; Helping Hands Tutoring Program

September 19, 2013

Bay Port Staff:

Student Services is excited to bring to our school a Resource Room that will be open every hour Monday through Friday.

The purpose of our Resource Room is to provide academic support to all of our students. This new “program” is an extension of our Helping Hands Tutoring Program we started last year.

What's different?

  1. All students are welcome to come and get help.
  2. The Resource Room is open during the school day and has a new location! C115
  3. The Resource Room will be staffed with 2-3 mentors/tutors every hour of the school day.
  4. Our after school tutoring time will be held everyday. (more info to come)
  5. No "invitations" will be given to the student and no paperwork on the part of the teacher.

What's the same?

1. Mentors have been interviewed and carefully selected to tutor.

2. We need volunteers who would be willing to stay after school and work with others. Please direct interested students to Debbie or Tammy in Student Services.

3. We are relying on everyone to get the word out, encouraging students to get help AND encouraging your students to be tutors.

On our wall, you will find flyers that are targeting specific audiences. The start up date is next week, Monday, September 23rd.

Thank you for all you do!

Student Services Department