who has seen that beast

by anne schraff

the beginnig

there was this family that had went on a hiking ship all the way in owl lake they been planing on goin there for three years.so they had finaly decided to go on the trip. when they had first got there they was ike man but then when they got to where they was goin to stay they was ready .about three week after they had been there the little girl in the family had went walking and they had always heard bout there bein a big foot and suff but the didnt believe it .so the night she had went walking out of no where this big thing had just snatched her up and then she had started screaming and she kicked the animal and scared it and it ran away .so they tried teeling the sheriefs their and they wouldnt believe them at all they just looked at them like they was crazy.


After the girl had got attacked her brother had got attacked three weeks after so after he got aattacked their parents was like their is no way that we can stay at this place anymore for anyone else to get hurt. after they had got all of there stuff packed up they had went back on the highway and went home .