Kissi: Ethnic Group in Africa

By: Kennedy B. & Deonna H.

Country & Language

Located in Liberia, Guinea, & Sierra Leone

Speaks loanwords from the Malinke and Mende language, also Niger-Congo language.


Rice-main dish

meat/fish- usually used as the sauce of the meal

Size of the Kissi Ethnic Group

150 people each village


Houses are rounded with mud walls, coned shaped roofs and verandahs.

Spread between urban and rural areas.

Clothing & Customs

Western style dressing & West African attire.

Ancestor worship is a major custom of the Kissi people

History of the Kissi

The Kissi ethnic group are in the countries of Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. The chief and elders have the powers over the people and villages. Christianity and Traditional ethnic are the religions they practice.

Three things that the Kissi ethnic group has dealt with when interacting with the Europeans include:

  • Social dispute
  • Hostilities between ethnic groups
  • Family famines
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