‘Collaboration & Empowerment for the Future’ – Group EVS

Project to be held from the 8th to 22nd of August 2015

Travel days 8th& 22nd of August


The volunteers will help us further develop our learning / permaculture centre. Through guidance, non-formal learning methods & use of creativity the volunteers along side other members of Eolas Soileir will be part of a 2 week project to further develop our learning centre where groups and individuals who visit our centre can make use of outdoor and indoor areas that have multi-functional uses.

Last summer (2014) 10 volunteers helped create a space for reflection and meditation using art and nature – to promote creativity and an appreciation of each other and the outdoors. We promoted sustainability and recycling where possible. In the summer of 2015 we will run a project for volunteers to continue the work started in 2014. We will be clearing an old building to sort materials for recycling, we will be creating a water harvesting system for water recycling and land drainage, creating pathways, learning about landscaping and willow planting and working in our polytunnel. As our organisation promotes sustainability and permaculture we promote the use of permaculture principals within this project. As this area has many heritage features we will visit them to gain knowledge and inspiration from them.

The learning will be multi-fold for the whole team. Within this project we will all learn about:




Intercultural learning



Project management


This EVS is perfect for any young person who wants to learn more about permaculture, horticulture, sustainability, heritage and project management. They will be working mainly in the outdoors – in nature and be part of the project management team. This will give the young person an opportunity to assess if they would like to study these areas further, it will also enhance their CV and give them very real transferable skills to bring to potential studies and/or jobs.

Volunteers will have a mentor who will guide them in their learning and Youthpass. The mentor will also support them on a personal level.

Volunteers will also have the opportunity to improve their English language skills.

Eolas Soileir see Youthpass as giving the young person an opportunity to assess, recognise and validate their learning and skills acquirement.

This reflective learning will be a feature of the EVS project with time set aside every day for the young people to reflect and assess their learning in a structured environment.

Documentation will happen throughout the project both in written form and visually through photography. This will result in a document that will be widely disseminated by Eolas Soileir . This document will serve to inspire and give a detailed step-by-step approach to this project so that others may be inspired and educated in their own similar project development.

The benefits to the young people will be their increased mobility within EU, enhanced language development, intercultural learning, increased employability, appreciation of the outdoors and its positive impact on mental and physical health.


Eolas Soileir is a registered Educational Charity in the Republic of Ireland. All members of the board have an interest and desire in promoting non-formal education within society. They work and volunteer within the field of education, the youth sector and sustainable development. They have extensive experience in facilitating, planning and delivering trainings to a variety of groups, young people and adult learners and in the area of volunteering. All of our training programmes and activities are based on a life long learning approach and many are directed towards people with fewer opportunities in society. To promote volunteering we are a sending & hosting organisation for European Voluntary Service as part of the Erasmus+ programme. We are developing this centre to provide a residential learning facility at affordable costs to community and youth groups.

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Project will take place in a rural location there is no shop, pub or amenities within walking distance of venue. It is located in the south of Ireland – Clonmines (near Wellington Bridge), Co. Wexford. We will have a mini bus at the venue for outings and some bikes to use for local cycling.


All participants will be accommodated in shared dorm bedrooms (3 to a room).


Food will be cooked by all of us, and we all share in the clean up after every meal. We will set up a rota on the first day. Please practice and bring with you a recipe for one evening meal – each volunteer will be in charge of cooking an evening meal (with help from others).


There is NO Internet at either house or venue, so please come with your own mobile Internet if you require it for the duration of the project. Once a week we will drive to a place with internet.


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