Math Project: Graphs!

By: Hailey Williams

Story Problem:

Hailey is a professional 3 point shooter. Say Hailey can shoot at a steady rate of 4 shoots every 1 minute.

Matching the definitions to what we know:

My dependent variable is A {how many shots she makes}

My independent variable is M {number of minutes shooting}

My constant is 4 shots


~ Dependent Variable: is the variable that is DEPENDENT on the quantity of the independent variable.

~ Constant: is the quantity that NEVER changes.

~ Independent variable: is the quantity that is depended on by the quantity of the dependent variable.

Equation time!

Based on the information that we just stated, the equation that matches this problem is:


The name of the graph is: Hailey's Record Shot Out!

X and Y axis

The Y axis is the number of minutes. The X axis is the number of shots made.
Big image

The story behind the graph:

As Hailey was shooting the people timed her shots and pushed the clicker each time Hailey shot. The person ended up pushing the clicker 4 times every 1 minute.
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