The Best colony since 1620


The Mayflower was a ship that transported the pilgrims. The Mayflower set sail on mid July 1620 headed to Northern Virginia. A large storm knocked them of course but, they prevailed and landed in Cape Cod. During the rigorous voyage William Bradford established a set of rules that would help the colony survive. This document that was a form self government is known as the Mayflower Compact. It was important to remember that in such times of need, it is important to remember the value of collaboration.


The colony became the first permanent european settlement in the New England Colony. More than half of the settlers did not survive the first winter but, it did get better from there. The colonists made piece with the Native Americans. In the fall of 1626 the Colonist and the Native Americans shared a meal together now known as thanksgiving.


John Winthrop was elected as the first Governor of Massachusetts bay colony and had that post for a 17 year period. John Winthrop led the city upon a hill with the belief that government would succeed based on a religion ideas. In April of 1662 John Winthrop Jr. obtained a charter from King Charles ll. This caused Massachusetts to become a charter colony and become largely self Governed. The fundamental orders of Massachusetts were adopted but largely unfollowed.


We have long winters and short summers this is especially good if your the kind of person who loves the cold come over here to let it go. We have seasons lasting from 3-7 for growing crops. We have rocky soil but we overcame that bump to still grow cash crops. We live near the sea and have great seaports with lots of trees.

History of Thanksgiving

In the first Thanksgiving on the November 1621 the start of one of the greatest National Holidays in the History was created in Massachusetts. This holiday started as a feast between the Plymouth Colonist and the Wampanoag. They celebrated this holiday because the plymouth settlers had brought in a good harvest.


For young kids that go to school learn English. Reading schools were for girls whereas grammar school was for boys. In colonial Massachusetts gender played a large role in education. In mastery schools kids learned Latin, Greek and Hebrew. Boston also had he first level of higher learning including Harvard. The seven courses taught were grammar, logic, rhetoric, arithmetic, geometry, and astronomy.


The founding Document to the capital was signed by John Winthrop on September 7, 1630. This soon became the capital of Massachusetts colony. In 1635 Boston opened the first public school in America. This showed how much Boston cared about education. In later years Boston was reaching a population of 4,000 people it became the largest city in Massachusetts. This city was also the Largest port in Massachusetts and played a large part in there industries. One of there largest industries was formed by whalers who hunted down whales for oils. This oil was also used to light lamps and helped extend the regular day past sundown.
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Puritan Religion

The religious group of known as Puritans were largely the only religion in Massachusetts. The Puritans were tired of trying to reform the England church. A rich group of Puritans purchased the land known as Massachusetts bay colony so they could freely practice there religion. They had a strong moral code were and were strong advocates for propriety and modesty. There three principles were religion, work and education.


Massachusetts may have had started out with rock soil, but we Massachusites don't give up so easily. We brave colonists have harvested the fields of Massachusetts Bay colony and reaped the reward of hard work and labor. Massachusetts now supports and grows pumpkins, squash, corn, rye, and beans!

Massachusetts is not all happy farming and agriculture, we have shipbuilding, fur trade, lumber, and even fishing!

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Reasons we're better than the other colonies

1. The pilgrims were more Peaceful than New Yorkand we are not in a war with Native Americans.

2. We have a better Survival Rate than Virginia. If you want to survive you have a better chance with us.

3. We have thanksgiving, a tradition transcending generations and nothing beats the turkey. The other colonies do not have a tradition that celebrates a great harvest

4. We have many industries and peaceful trading with the Native Americans.

5. We have less diseases than warmer colonies because of our colder climate. South Carolinians had become deathly ills under the likes of the yellow fever a disease that we do not carry.

6. We are not prisoners or in debt like those Debtors in Georgia.

7. We value our education having the first form of public schools as the Boston Latin school in 1635. In the other colonies most children left school at the age of 12 to 13 year old.

8. We are religiously stable and have peace unlike Maryland that has fighting between Protestants and Catholics.