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November 2017

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Norterra Canyon Gets an A Rating!

Students and staff have been celebrating our A rating at Norterra Canyon School from the Arizona State Board of Education A-F School Accountability Plan. We are proud of our hard work and accomplishments.

With AZMerit scoring, it is more than just the number of students who pass the test that create our school letter grade. There is a proficiency weighting of the scores. Each student score receives a proficiency level and this level is then calculated with weights: Highly Proficient (earns the weight of 1.3), Proficient (earns the weight of 1.0), Partially Proficient (earns the weight of 0.6) and Minimally Proficient (earns the weight of 0.0). The proficiency level of each student is calculated by the proficiency weights, which created a score of 26.99 out of a possible 30 points in this area. Beyond the Proficiency Level, there are also Growth Scores for our students that are calculated into our overall points. Students in grades 4-8 who took AZMerit the previous year have their results compared to the previous year and are identified as low, medium and high growth. We earned 42.7 out of the possible 50 points for growth. These two areas, students' proficiency levels and their growth scores, make up 80% of the possible points needed to earn our label of an A by the the Arizona State Board of Education. As you can see, in both of these areas we were strong!

As we continuously strive to improve, we discovered that among the strengths in the score report, we have some areas for improvement that are driving our goals for this year. The report showed a deficit in consistency in attendance. The state calculates our attendance rates and we did not earn the 2 points possible for attendance because of our absentee rate. We tell our students that you can't learn if you're not here. One of the ways we're encouraging excellence in attendance is by providing each classroom with a 'Perfect Attendance' magnet that they can place on the outside of their door each day that every student arrives on time.

Please support our continued success by having your child in school on time everyday. Attendance matters!

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First Quarter Celebrations

Mrs. Mineer visited each classroom to deliver certificates to students who achieved honor roll (all A or B grades) and principal's list (all As) for the first quarter. These students received their certificate and a Texas Roadhouse "Certificate of Achievement" with a free kid's meal from Texas Roadhouse as their classmates cheered for the perseverance, integrity, and excellence that is needed to achieve this honor.

We celebrated students with perfect attendance by enjoying donut holes donated by Lamar's Donuts and gave students a little note to thank you parents for your support in being sure your child is here everyday on time! Look at these impressive numbers!

Honor roll: 237 students

Principal's list: 134 students

Perfect attendance: 241 students

Let's keep up the impressive statistics as we go into 2nd quarter!

Middle School Students Present their Family Trees

In 6th and 7th grades we like to explore all the ways a historian thinks- especially "More known about the past makes understanding the present easier". What could be more interesting than your OWN past? The students look & dig deeply into their past, then share their discoveries. It's official: Family history IS fascinating!

NCPTSA "Save Around Greater Phoenix 2018" Fundraiser

Pirate Families,

Our PTSA is hosting a SaveAround coupon book sale that will benefit our school! The coupon books have hundreds of buy-one-get-one free discounts and other coupons that will quickly get your investment back to you! Each book cost $25 and checks should be payable to NCPTSA. Online orders can be made at this URL

On Wednesday, November 8th a hot pink flyer explaining the fundraiser with the envelope and a book was sent home with students, be sure to look for it! This sale will last the entire month of November with our end date being December 1. And just a reminder, if you don't sell the book, it must be returned. If you have questions or want to support our PTSA with this or other upcoming events, please reach out to them at

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MASK Update

The MASK Junior Leadership Program is one of the many incredible programs provided to schools through the MASK organization. Grade 6-8 NJHS and STUGO students have the amazing opportunity to participate with MASK leaders in discussions and training sessions that help promote a healthy school environment. Some of our grade six students were also pep squad members for the K-5 MASK assemblies and assisted those students with learning the newest MASK Mash and Move:

NO way,

At NO time

Should you meet with anyone

you met online!

The next MASK Parent University is Friday February 23 at 8:30 am. Come for the Friday morning assembly and stay for the University. The topic will be Self-Esteem. RSVP @

Visit the MASK website for more information

MASK is the adopted curriculum for social emotional learning at Norterra Canyon.

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Volunteers can have a very powerful positive impact on schools and students.

To volunteer at Norterra Canyon you must be DVUSD volunteer trained. If you are not please look into signing up for a volunteer training session. Your training is valid for the school career of your DVUSD student. You can take your volunteer training at any DVUSD Training session and the paperwork will be forwarded to Norterra Canyon.

Reach our volunteer coordinator, Mary Smitten, directly at

Planter Boxes

Check out this amazing planter box painting! Watch for more around our campus soon.
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Battle of the Books

Our 5th and 6th grade students competed in round one of Norterra Canyon's 2nd Annual Battle of the Books!
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Thank You for Supporting the Book Fair

The fall book fair was a huge success. Your patronage of the book fair helped put books in the hands of your students and it helped stock the Norterra Canyon library shelves with many requested titles and genres. In addition, through your generous donations to the Scholastic ALL FOR BOOKS campaign, you have assisted Hurricane ravaged schools in the United States rebuild their libraries. An extra huge THANK YOU to all the amazing volunteers that donated their time and talents to making this year's fair so successful.

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What a Success!

Our families raised over $5,000 during our Jump Rope for Heart event. Thank you to all who donated and thank you to our jumpers for your enthusiasm! Congratulations to Coach Abramson for a successful event. All proceeds will be donated to the American Heart Association.

2nd Annual Breakfast with Santa & Mrs. Claus

Friday, Dec. 8th, 7:15-8:15am

Norterra Canyon Cafeteria

Please join us again this year for a special muffins and milk ($2 per person) with Santa and Mrs. Claus hosting the breakfast. In addition, if you want to have a "Santa Selfie" bring a donation for the Foster Care System of Arizona to receive a ticket for your special time with Santa and Mrs. Claus. Suggestions include: puzzles, balls, dolls, toys, sippy cups, jackets size 3T to extra large youth, clothing for infants to extra large youth, bike helmets, scooters, bikes, things that would make the holidays brighter for children in the Foster Care System. All donations will be delivered to the KTAR donation drive for the Foster Care System of Arizona in the name of Norterra Canyon Pirates!

Upcoming Events


PTSA "Save Around Discount Saving Books" Sale is all of November.

  • Nov. 10- NO SCHOOL for Veterans' Day
  • Nov. 13- VETERANS' DAY ASSEMBLY- 7:30 Breakfast for vets, 8:15 Assembly in the NC Courtyard
  • Nov. 14- Boys & Girls Basketball Home Game Starting at 4:30
  • Nov. 16- Thanksgiving Feast during lunch
  • Nov. 16- Boys & Girls Basketball Home Game Starting at 4:30
  • Nov. 17- PRIDE Assembly at 8:15 AM
  • Nov. 20-24- NO SCHOOL for Thanksgiving Break
  • Nov. 30- Boys & Girls Basketball Home Game Starting at 4:30


  • Dec. 1- EARLY RELEASE- School dismisses at 11:35
  • Dec. 4- Boys & Girls Basketball Home Game Starting at 4:30
  • Dec. 7- Boys & Girls Basketball Home Game Starting at 4:30
  • Dec. 8- Milk and Muffins with SANTA 7:15-8:05 AM in the cafeteria
  • Dec. 8- PRIDE Assembly at 8:15 AM
  • Dec. 8- Winter Dance Sponsored by StuGo for 6-8th grade
  • Dec. 11-15 Gingerbread House Sponsored by PTSA
  • Dec. 14- Winter Choir Concert 6:30 PM
  • Dec. 15- PRIDE Assembly at 8:15 AM
  • Dec. 15-16- Sports Camp Lock-In
  • Dec. 19- Spelling Bee
  • Dec. 19- Winter Band Concert 6:30 PM
  • Dec. 22- EARLY RELEASE- School dismisses at 11:35 (end of second quarter)
  • Dec. 25-29- NO SCHOOL- Winter Break
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Help Norterra Canyon win $500 to $2,500! Shop, dine or see a movie at The Shops at Norterra October 1-March 31.It’s easy to support our school when you submit receipts at or drop off receipts at school in the receipt collection box at the front office. View the latest Earn & Learn flyer for details about the program, including special bonus point offers. Visit for updates and to see how our school is doing in the competition! Questions? Call (800) 539-3273.

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