Self-Guided Workgroup

Virtual Toolkit Workgroup Meeting 4-21-21

Self Guided April Toolkit Workgroup Meeting
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Today's Task: Review Photos

We collected 200 pictures from 7 people in 4 communities. Thank you for submitting!

Next steps:

  1. Now: continue collecting photos
  2. April: committee review of photos to approve/reject
  3. May: sort into categories
  4. June: publish online
  5. June & beyond: promote online gallery once published

I need your help with step #2, reviewing pictures. Click the link here or the button below to access an online Google survey. Click "approve" or "reject" below each picture or provide details with "other."

Things to consider might be:

  • Is this reflective of rural culture or lifestyle?
  • Is this photo appropriate or inappropriate?
  • Is this something people might find useful?

Can at least 5 people to review photos before they are published? Deadline: April 30.

Example Photos from the Submission Gallery

[NOTICE] Time Change for Next Meeting

Rural Network Meeting

Tuesday April 27

NEW TIME just for this meeting: 3 - 5 p.m.

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In April, Dave Shavel, a coalition trainer from the CADCA program (Community of Anti-Drug Coalitions of America) is going to host an organizing session with us consisting of mini listening sessions. It will help us understand where we are now, where we want to go in the future, and how to get there.


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Webinar: Equitable Approaches to Primary Prevention of Adolescence Marijuana Use

Renee Johnson, PhD, MPH - The presentation describe strategies for ensuring that programs to prevent marijuana use are grounded in the principles of equity. It will include:

  1. a review the history of marijuana control policies in the US,
  2. a summary of how structural racism and social disadvantage shape risk for use and use disorder, and
  3. offer strategies for ensuring that programs and policies are grounded in an equity framework.

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Thank You

Connection is the Best Prevention

Our mission is connecting and supporting communities to build resilience and prevent youth substance use. We envision a healthy, thriving community free of substance abuse.

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