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November 12th, 2021

CCA Motto: To share the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, preparing hearts and minds to impact the world for Him.

CCA Guiding Principles: We teach 1) Christian Principles and Character, through 2) Christ Centered Academic Excellence, while promoting 3) American Patriotism.

Yearbook Pictures Needed

Parents...we are needing pictures, if you have them, from: Robotics (all grades), 4H, FBLA, field trips, and anything else CCA for the yearbook. Please share your photos anytime throughout the year with us: Thank you!

Parent Reminders

Nov. 12

  • 5th & 6th Grade Social from 3:15-5pm at the Manning's

Nov. 18

  • 5th/6th Grade Robotics Qualifier in Lee Summit, details are TBD

Nov. 19

  • 2nd Grade to Itty Bitty City in Springfield from 8:15am-3pm
  • Lumberjack Club will be serving up Pumpkin Spice Pancakes for $2 from 7:30-8am
  • 7th-12th Grade Basketball Kick-off Bonfire from 5:30-9pm in the CCA Parking Lot

Veteran's Day Assembly: November 11th

On Thursday, November 11th, CCA hosted an assembly to honor Veteran's Day. StuCo president, Kylie Bateman, welcomed everyone. The CCA JROTC Color Guard presented the flags. The CCA band played the Star Spangled Banner. Pledges to the American Flag, the Bible and Christian Flag were recited by all in attendance, and 4th-12th grade students recited the American Creed. Mr. Patterson prayed. Marlee, Taylor and Priscilla welcomed key note speaker: Senator, Rick Brattin. Senator Brattin spoke about the importance of educating students about our Veterans, and what it takes to be in the military. He talked about his personal experience in the Marines to give students an idea of what it's like. Next, an Armed Forces Medley video was played. K4-6th grade sang "I Love America." Cadets, Jon and Hunter, presented America’s White Table Reading. This was a very special presentation and the JROTC did a great job presenting it. After the presentation, a Tribute to Deceased Veterans Video was shown. StuCo vice president, Audrey Higgins, asked for a moment of silence as TAPS played, and Kara Manning thanked all for coming. If you would like to view this special program, it can be seen on our CCA Facebook page. --Audrey

November 12th Chapel

On Friday the juniors and seniors opened chapel for Mark Lopez. He is the pastor at New Covenant Fellowship in Garden City. He is also the fire chief of Garden City and Pleasant Hill. He brought in his thermal imaging camera (T.I.C.) and explained how it helps him find people in fires or in the dark. Mark explained how God has put a T.I.C in all of us. Through Christ we can see people in need. He also talked about how highly valued we are to God, especially since He gave His only son for us. Mark explained that as you move through this life as a Christian, you will find friends that believe as you do, but if not, help others find their T.I.C. --Priscilla

Alumni Spotlight: Hannah Adams

Hannah Adams attended CCA from K4 to 8th grade. She graduated 8th grade in 2014. Hannah liked the small classes at CCA and the ability to connect with teachers on a personal level. She also enjoyed playing sports. Hannah liked that her teachers and coaches pushed her to be the best she could be, as a student and as an athlete.

Hannah attended Clinton High School. Her parents are Jeff and Kim Adams. Hannah's siblings are Zach, Krista (Sister-in-law), and Noah. Hannah attended Central Methodist University to obtain her bachelor’s degree in accounting with a minor in business management. She was also a part of the basketball team at CMU. She is currently pursuing her masters in accounting at Emporia State University through their online program.

Her favorite CCA memory is playing soccer and basketball. Her team won many tournaments, so that made for great memories. Hannah’s favorite Bible verse is 1 Corinthians 10:3. CCA prepared Hannah for her future as a student in high school and college. Having the opportunity to build a strong foundation for her faith has shaped her into the person she is today. In her free time, Hannah enjoys watching sports, running and spending time with family and friends. --Audrey

Auction Meeting Recap: Tuesday, November 9th

The cafeteria was packed out with a large crowd of CCA families to kick off the 2022 CCA Auction planning process at our first auction meeting this year held on Tuesday, Nov. 9. JD Manning, Auction Chairman, presented lots of great information regarding this year’s CCA Auction, which is scheduled to be held on Saturday, February 26 at the Benson Center.

The primary request from Chairman Manning was to ask that all families begin praying for the auction now, seeking God’s guidance and blessing upon this very special event that benefits CCA in so many ways: (1) The auction is a witnessing opportunity to our community and surrounding communities; (2) Proceeds from the auction help keep tuition manageable for parents; and (3) A small portion of the auction proceeds provide scholarship opportunities for those qualifying for financial assistance in order to attend CCA.

What will CCA Auction 2022 look like?

· The CCA Auction 2022 will again be a “hybrid” approach. Everything will be available for sale online. There will also be live bidding at the auction with Darrell Anstine again volunteering to serve as this year’s auctioneer! Last year there were 17,721 bids that were received online from outside of Missouri! Families are encouraged to tell EVERYONE about the CCA auction!!

· Last year’s post-auction survey indicated great success with the finger foods provided at the auction in lieu of a dinner; therefore, we will be serving finger foods again this year to those in attendance for the live auction at the Benson Center.

· Raffle tickets for one year’s book/tuition met with great success and will be done again this year. Three hundred (300) tuition tickets will be sold online only for $100 each and will go on sale around Christmas. Each family is asked to sell one of these. This raffle replaces the dinner revenue.

· Our goal is to have 500 silent auction items to sell with retail value of $250 or less. (Last year we had 580 silent auction items.)

· Our goal is to have 100-115 live auction items with retail value of $250 or more.

· Each family is asked to donate 10 silent auction items or one live auction item.

· Top Ten Items typically have a value of $1000 or higher.

· There will be a raffle for matching funds again this year. Students are asked to help work for sale of these tickets for which the proceeds go to matching funds. Each family is asked to sell $20 worth of raffle tickets.

· Some of our most popular auction items are the homemade “of the month” items (e.g. Casserole of the Month, Cheesecake of the Month, Chocolate Dessert of the Month, etc.) Please prayerfully consider signing up to provide one of these during the year if God has blessed you with the gift of cooking/baking!

Chairman Manning gave these reminders about donated items:

  • We must continue to work together to keep our auction items fresh with new ideas! All are encouraged to “think outside the box” and be “creative” when coming up with unique items or experiences!
  • Families should check the “A to Z Electronic Book” (link to this book is emailed to all families) before asking area businesses to donate items to the auction to avoid asking the same business more than once.
  • Remind businesses/individuals donating that any donation is tax deductible.
  • IMPORTANT: THERE WILL BE ONLY ELECTRONIC ITEM SHEETS USED THIS YEAR!!!! Every item for the auction must have one of these sheets completed. It is important to have the description of item VERY DETAILED!!! These sheets are used to create the online catalog, so bidders know exactly what they are bidding on. The electronic item sheet will be mailed out to all families for easy access/use.

Emily Stocking provided an overview of the eleven auction committees that will be needed for CCA Auction 2022. Emily encouraged all families to utilize their God given gifts/talents by participating in one of these committees. A google doc of these committees will be emailed to all families. Please pray about which one of these God would have you serve on and sign up for this important commitment in the CCA Office.

Next auction meeting will be at 5:00pm on Wed., Dec. 1st. Childcare will be provided by the CCA Pep Club.

On this Day in History: November 12th

Survey Says... Rainy Days or Sunny Days?

This week, the Survey Says question was rainy days versus sunny days. We asked 50 students between grades 3-12th. Surprisingly, rainy days won by a few points! Rainy days had 26 votes and sunny days had 24 votes! --Taylor

Volleyball Banquet

On Thursday night, CCA had their volleyball banquet to celebrate the season. After eating a few snacks, discussing grades 5-8th, and discussing the season, the coaches gave out awards. Priscilla got the hustle award. Carissa and Hailey got the “She’s got heart” award, meaning they’ve always had spirit even in hard times. Clara got MVP (Most Valuable Player). Jessica got the patriot award. Congratulations on the great season, Patriots! --Taylor

Soccer Banquet

Monday evening on November 8, 2021 the soccer team had their soccer banquet. The coaches talked about all of the players. The coaches also handed out letters to the players who lettered. At the end of the banquet the coaches handed out the awards. The award winners were Mikhail for rookie of the year, Gavin for best defender, Jared for MVP, and Kade received the Patriot award. Congratulations on the great season Patriots! --Marlee

Birthdays this week!

November 13: Levi, 10th Grade

November 15: Ezra, 2nd Grade

CCA Club Information:

Upper School Robotics

The upper school has been having robotics meetings twice a week for the past few weeks. The high school group has worked on building a base, wheels, and treads. They have to start from scratch and build a robot that has to fit in a 18X18X18 inch cube. They have books to help put specific parts together, like the treads, but the design is theirs. Students will also be writing the computer code that makes the robot move. Their design has to pick up weighted cubes off the floor and place them at different levels across a 12 foot space. It also has to be able to rotate a turntable. If there are any 7th-12th graders interested in joining Robotics, they meet at Equity Bank (by Casey's) on Ohio Street, Monday from 3:30-5:30pm and Saturday from 9:30-11:30 am. --Marlee

FBLA Babysits during the Auction Meeting

During this week's auction meeting, FBLA students babysit children of CCA parents that went to the auction meeting. Two rooms were set up for babysitting: 1st grade and under were in the art room and 2nd grade and up were in the Take Flight room. In the 1st Grade room, children colored, played Legos, and watched Tom and Jerry. In the 2nd grade and up room , students played charades, Pictionary, Legos, and with play dough. --Taylor

FBLA Fundraiser

FBLA is selling CCA engraved, insulated, 22 ounce cups, for a fundraiser. All money will go directly to FBLA to help offset the cost of events and upcoming district and state competitions. If you would like to purchase an insulated cup for $15 please let the CCA Office know. --Priscilla

Pep Club to Host Bonfire

Pep Club plans to host a basketball kick-off bonfire in the CCA Parking Lot on Friday, November 19th for all 7th-12th grade students. The fire will start at 5:30, but feel free to come at anytime from 5:30-9pm to have hotdogs, smores, drinks and to play games. We ask that all students in attendance sign-up to bring something to the event; the sign-up sheet is located outside of Mr. Patterson's room. Also, students should bring lawn chairs and roasting sticks if they have them. Questions, please call or email Mrs. Townsend. Thank you!

FCA for 7th & 8th

At the Junior High Fellowship of Christian Athletes meeting today, Coach Adams talked about running the race for Christ and being a Christian athlete. FCA is held on the 1st Friday of the month for 7th & 8th grades and on the 3rd Friday of the month for 9th-12th graders.