Pupil Services Quarterly

February/March 2020

SAVE THE DATE: Immigration Celebration

Tuesday, April 28th, 5:30-7:30pm

MMJSHS Media Center

Please join us for our annual Immigration Celebration which honors the many countries that have become an integral part of the Millbury community.

The Community Service Learning (CSL) Youth Advisory and English as a Second Language (ESL) program would like to invite you to a night of cultural celebrations, tasty treats and an exploration of all the countries represented in Millbury.

This is a great night to bring your entire family and enjoy the wide diversity that Millbury has to offer.

Come and join us as families and community members of Millbury will be displaying information from their home countries/ancestor’s countries such as fun facts, crafts, traditional clothing, and cultural dishes!

What is a BCBA?

A BCBA is a board certified individual who is trained to provide and supervise behavior analysis. Often it is a BCBA who supervises individuals providing ABA. Neither ABA nor BCBA, by definition, is Autism specific. They specialize in behavior. We are fortunate to have two BCBAs within the Millbury Public Schools: Rose Mahoney and Jason Avakian.

At the start of the 2018-2019 school year, the role of the BCBA was redefined. Our BCBAs are district-wide employees and are shared across buildings. For the most part, Rose provides support to preschool through grade 5, while Jason supports grades 5 through 12. Rose and Jason oversee ABAs and our RBT (Registered Behavior Technicians) and the programs these individuals are facilitating with students.

Please follow this link to view a more detailed description of their roles/responsibilities as well as what it might look like in practice.

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Procedures for In-School Observations by Parents and their Designees

Did you know that parents and/or their designees may observe their child's classroom? In fact, parents/guardians, and/or their designee, observing their child during the school day is supported by federal law. This applies to all students, in regular and special education.

Observations are not permitted in-the-moment, and will not be conducted without a signed agreement between the observer and the Millbury Public Schools. Therefore, the Millbury Public Schools has established procedures for such observations. These procedures pertain to all students and families, including employees. Please visit this link to review the procedures and agreement form.

Should you have additional questions, please reach out to your building principal or contact my office.


Field Trips, Extracurricular Outings are in FULL SWING!

Given the wide range of medical needs among our students, field trip coordinators and club advisors must connect with the school nurse at least 4 weeks before the trip to review the medical needs of students that may potentially be participating in the trip or outing. This provides time to review the individual needs and to determine if a nurse must attend or if staff can be trained to administer medication.

It's Flu Season

Take a moment to review this brochure, "Flu & You," to learn more about signs of the flu and ways to fight it!

As terms and semesters change, so do some of your class rosters. Please be sure you are reviewing IEPs and 504 Plans. Special education liaisons and guidance counselors are able to assist you with this.

All staff members working with students on an IEP and/or 504 Plans must read, sign off on, and follow them. Please remember:
  • all IEPs and 504 Plans can be accessed through your Aspen account.
  • implementation includes service delivery as well as allowing students access to his/her accommodations and modifications.
  • accommodations are to be used routinely, during daily classroom instruction. If a student is not accessing the accommodation(s) or refusing to use them, please have a conversation with the Team Chair or Guidance Counselor
  • maintain an updated Student Accommodation Sheet


EL/FEL Student Resources Folder: this resource was created by the ESL Department. It contains resources to support you in your work with our EL (English Learner) /FEL (Former English Learner) students.

Request for Translator/Interpreter Services form

Student Accommodation Sheet: this document will allow you to record, by class/period, all students on IEPs or 504s and their appropriate accommodations. Copies of this must be maintained in your subfolder.

Pupil Services Office

Kate Ryan, Director of Pupil Services

Mary O'Brien, Administrative Assistant