The Tempest....The different story

By Tayler Russell

The Tempest......Unexpected version

Once upon a Bogan time, there was a young boy named Fabian. Fabian was the son of a Kingston mostly known as "Kin", Kingston was also known for being a Rival drug lord in the area around Claymore...  It's now for all the Tragic endings to stop. One day Fabian was driving around Claymore looking for surviours and also something they can use to help stop this maddness. Fabian was also travelling with four other passengers "Kin" (Kingston), Orlando, Stephan and Trinstan. They were driving in a black van in case something would pop up unexpectedly. Out of nowhere Fabian stops the car and stares at the windscreen with a shocked expression...Fabian can see a Toddler standing the middle of the road. The boys look at the window and ask "Fabian....What are you staring at?. Fabian turns the ingition off and got out of the car... The rest of the boys stopped talking and continously staring at Fabian. Fabian walked very slowly towards the creepy toddler. Fabian held his breath and tapped the Toddler on the shoulder to realise it was a short male midget. The midget asks Fabian "You want some drugs man?." Fabian replies "Uh no thanks"... The midget pulls out a smoke and puts it in his mouth The midget tells Fabian "Mate, You gotta get outta here man, something very bad is gonna happen to Claymore". Fabian turns to the van and looks at the boys and shruggs his shoulders, Fabian turns back to the midget and asks "What's Happening"? with shock in his face. The midget looks around mysteriosly and Replies "I'll never tell! in a Creepy voice looking around repeatedly. Fabian gets annoyed and shouts "What the BEEEEEEEPPPPPP!!!" Out of nowhere a bus loses control, Swerves past Fabian and smashes into the Black Van and pushes the van of the bridge.Some of the passengers fall out of the van into the trees in Claymore Springs. Other people stay in the van and float down the river stream. Fabian got lucky and was standing on a bridge and follows all of that tragic maddness with saying "AWWWW DAMN!.....My Mcdonalds was in there, I spent $6.00 for a large drink and didn't get a chance to drink it come on!". Fabian started to look around Claymore Springs to see if he can see any of his other passengers. All of a sudden he looks down and sees a sparkling light spin around him several times, Fabian is interested by this fancy Red sparkly light and the light makes him wonder down to the bridge to see a beautiful girl. Fabian couldn't believe his eyes and rushes to the girl near the trees..Fabian streaches his arm to reach the girl she reacts the same way and puts her arm out as well and "ZAAAPPPP!." The both of them fell in love as soon as there fingers touch.Fabian moves his arm and looks away, and says to the girl "Hello, Good Looking..What's cooking? You're very pretty, What's your name love?." The girl looks down to the ground and smirks to her self.. "Mmmyyy name is Melanie. "Your far away from home." Fabian replies "What makes you say that?." Melanie looks around and says "I've never seen you before so i know who's new or old."Melanie looks around and notices a midget standing on the bridge listening to their conversation and grabs fabian by the arm and pulls him away...Stephan & Trinstan manage to get them self out of the trees and walk around the forest to find Fabian and a way home, Stephan looks into the sky and see's many different colours of starts floating around the bridge, he walks towards the lights and tristan whispers in a yelling tone.. "Stephan?....What are you doing?.....Get back her now..get back here don't you leave me You left me." Stephan replies "Look Trinstan...Don't you see the beautiful lights?." He keeps walking towards the pretty lights. Trinstan decides the walk woth Stephan, Next minute... BOOOOO! A spirt arrives anmd scares the boys to run in the opersite direction.....The spirt laughs and so does the Midget watching the whole thing! The midget goes "OH Ariel my Favourite assitant you are 1#... Don't ever forget it!, You might have wings on you feet and that are 2 sizes too small but your have a great heart!." Ariel replies "Mmmaster....Thank you pell, You are a great man.....*Looks down to the ground and mummbles, Most of the time." They both walk away Stephan and Trinstan run in to a forest with a cave and mice and Rats everwhere the two boys start walking into the cave and hear a voice "You two have to kill Pell!"trinstan gets worried and starts to walk out of the cave..Stephan grabs him by the arm and asks "Who are you? Show yourself!."Out of Nowhere a tall lanky white man with very long arms to his legs and is wearing a suit and says "My name is Slendy, You two have to kill Pell!"Trinstan's face drops full of shock of slendy's looks... Stephan asks "Who's Pell? and why can't you do it? Slendy replies "Have you guys seen a midget, Yeah well he stole my land. It was my mothers but he killed her, kept me as a slave.And i don't have the power too." Orlando and Kin are re-united at the bridge and look around for anything...Kin sees Fabian is safe and holding hands with a girl....He smile of relief that he is safe..Out of nowhere Trinstand and Stephan jump out of the bushes full of grass amour.Pell,Kin and Orlando have made a truce to stop drugs for the sake of the land. Out of no where "YAAAAAHHHHH." Stephan and Trinstan grab Pell from behind and hold him in a head lock position,Orlando and Kin grab there arms and pull them off Pell. Orlando yells "Whooaaa! What's up with you two?" The reply "Slendy told us too because his ruining everyones lives... Orlando and Kin look at each other explain to Stephan & Trinstan that they had truced. They all have a laugh and later to see that Fabian and Melanie haved joined the gathering at the bridge. Pell does some voodo magic and burns all the drugs every made in Claymore.. Pell also makes the van fixed. Everyone rushes to the van but Pell stays behind for 2 minutes to say goodbye to Ariel "My dearest Ariel, You have been amazing to me, Like my own son. Good luck and Goodbye." Ariel wipes a tear from Pell's face and says "Don't cry Master, You are my father in my heart Goodbye."They all hop on the Van, and go to Mcdonalds and buy Fabian his drink.They all lived happily ever after. The end!