Disease: Diabetes, type 1 & Type 2

Jonathan Creighton

Definition of the disorder.

During the state of Type one diabetes the body does not generate the insulin that the body needs, it is mostly diagnosed to people as they are a child. The body then starts to break down the sugars that you eat causing you to have less sugars. Which does not produce the DNA molecules that your body needs. Type two diabetes occurs most. It does not move the insulin to the places that your body needs it after time it then does not produce enough insulin that your body needs. The both types of Diabetes affect the bloodstream.


The symptoms of diabetes are often urination, very thirsty, always hungry, extreme fatigue, blurry vision, thin skin (causes cuts/bruises that are slow to heal), weight loss, tingling, pain, or numbness in the hands or feet. That are the symptoms of diabetes.

Causes of diabetes.

The causes of diabetes comes when your body does not produce or move the insulin needed to keep your body alive. The body needs a certain amount of insulin in all parts of your body. Type one diabetes does not produce enough insulin. Type two diabetes does not move enough insulin to the parts of your body that needs it which can cause lack of insulin being produced in the body.

How is Diabetes inherited?

Diabetes is inherited through generations, if someone in previous generations has had it you have a greater chance of getting diabetes. if no one in previous generations has had it you still have a chace of getting it however it is not as great of a risk.

How is diabetes treated?

Diabetes are treated with insulin pumps or insulin shots. You can get an insulin pump that you have to have on you at all times or you can get an insulin pen which is a shot that you inject insulin into your body. There is currently no cure for diabetes but there is a way to control it.

How is Diabetes diagnosed?

There are many ways that you can be tested for diabetes, one way that you can be tested is by checking your blood sugar daily. That will indicate if you have the right amount of blood sugar. Another day to find out if you have Diabetes is to get your Blood glucose level checked.

How many and what type of people are likely to have Diabetes?

In the year of 2010 there were 28.8 Million cases of diabetes. In 2012 there were 29.1 million cases of diabetes. The people that are most likely to get diabetes is children. They are said to get diabetes at a young age. It is very rare for an adult, or an elder to get diabetes.