by Rafael Castillo

Ocean Beach Vacation

Hey! Im a representative of the beach biome. The ocean beach is a popular place to vist while you are in the beach many of the city's star attractions are within easy reach . The Ocean Theme Park and the Ocean Beach Athletic area are two of the popular destinations in the area .


While your in the ocean you can do plenty of fun things some of them are fish,swim,explore,scuba diving, and even whale shows & and star attractions like The ocean theme park , The ocean beach Athletic & sea world .


We recommend wearing shorts and t-shirts & we also recommend putting on sun screen. Weather temperature over here is really hot ! plus its always clear and sunny . So you never have to worry about rain .

Plants & species

There's plenty of cool and awsome animals and plants around and in the ocean . There's real cool and rare species in the ocean like the blue whale,the blue dolphin & sea turtles.

There's also cool looking plants like Green Algae ,Red Algae & coral .

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Make Sure To Vist !

There are many natural gifts here as well, do don't miss the chance to get outdoors . Walk along the attractive shoreline nearby . Such a mission beach . So get to you nearest ocean now and book your stay !
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