Presenting The Class of 2020

Vision International School, Qatar, Boys' Division

Presented By: Your Second Mom, Dr. Debbie, BD Principal

Class of 2020: Principal's Address

Stand Up And Be The Men You Were Called To Be: Leave Your Legacy

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Presenting The Valedictorian and The Salutatorian of the Class of 2020

Valedictorian, Ahmad Al-Ibrahim, Addresses The Class 2020

Ahmed 2020 Graduation Speech

Presenting Vision International School Boys' Division Class of 2020

Director's Award Recipients

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High School Memories Made

High School Diplomas Delivered

Mr. Jay, Dr. Debbie, and Dr. Bobbi visited all graduated seniors to issue their high school diplomas to mark their passage into adulthood.

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Remembering Community Meetings

Qatari National Anthem - "Al-Salam Al-Amiri" (AR/EN)

Remembering Our VIS Teachers, Staff, And Classes

Remembering Good Times

Be Bold, Be Courageous, Be Your Best


Looking to the Future

Dr. Debbie's Wish And A Prayer For You

Rascal Flatts ~ My wish for you ~ with lyrics

May Allah (SWT) keep you safe and protect you from the evils of this world...Ameen

May Allah (SWT) lead and guide you always on AAala Siratin Mustaqeem...Ameen

May you always seek guidance to stay close to Allah (SWT)....Ameen

May you never forget that you are an example of your religion to others...Ameen

May you find peace and happiness in all you do.....Ameen

May you face all struggles with strength and perseverance....Ameen

May you learn from each failure and each success......Ameen

May you be better today than yesterday....Ameen

May you give back to others and make this world a better place....Ameen

May Allah (SWT) bless you, keep you, lead you, and guide you ALWAYS.........Ameen.....Ameen......Ameen

Dr. Debbie Leaves You With Ayat Al Kursi

Ayat Al-Kursi (The Verse of the Throne): Arabic and English translation HD

Principal's Pride