America's Game, Super Bowl Sunday

By: Kyle Malcom

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Super Bowl I

Green Bay Packers vs Kansas City Chiefs

As the first championship game of the Super Bowl era, the AFL-NFL World Championship Game meant more than just a trophy, it sparked the beginning of an American tradition. The Packers made sure that the first Super Sunday came and left with a bang, as they rolled over Kansas City 35-10 in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

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Super Bowl II

Oakland Raiders vs Green Bay Packers

The second annual AFL-NFL World Championship Game fell nothing short of spectator's expectations. The Big Game expected to see the defending champions, Green Bay Packers, hoist the trophy up for a second consecutive year after defeating a hard-nosed Cowboys team from Dallas in the NFL Conference Championship. The Packers picked up right where they left off in the Super Bowl from the previous year, having dominated the Chiefs before, they routed the Oakland Raiders just as well, by a final score of 33-14 in Miami's Orange Bowl.

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Super Bowl III

Baltimore Colts vs New York Jets

It was the passing of the torch, no longer is it the Green Bay Packers competing for and potentially winning the Super Bowl. It was now a battle between the Baltimore Colts and the New York Jets. New York was the extreme underdog entering the contest, however they had enough confidence to get them through for a win. Jets quarterback, Joe Namath (Broadway Joe), "guaranteed" a victory for his squad and victorious did they become. The New York Jets handled the well played Colts of Baltimore in a defensive showdown as they came out on top with a score of 16-7 in Miami's Orange Bowl.

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Super Bowl IV

Kansas City Chiefs vs Minnesota Vikings

A chance for redemption for the Kansas City Chiefs as they found themselves in the Super Bowl for the second time in four years, although this time it is against a different opponent. The Minnesota Vikings came into the game having only lost 2 games all year and won a unanimous game over the Cleveland Browns to get to the Super Bowl. However, that sweet victory was stalled, then shattered as the Kansas City Chiefs proved to be the more dominant team, beating Minnesota with a final score of 23-7 at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans.

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Super Bowl V

Dallas Cowboys vs Baltimore Colts

Just as the Chiefs did in Super Bowl IV, the Baltimore Colts have an opportunity to capture a Super Bowl victory. This was the second time the Colts had made it to the Bowl in three years, so they had experience in the game and an edge over the Dallas Cowboys. The game was in Dallas' hands from the first-half going into the second and hung on to a 13-6 lead going into the 4th quarter. However the grit and determination that the Colts had, propelled them to 10 unanswered points and a victory in Super Bowl V as they took care of the 'Boys 16-13 at the Orange Bowl in Miami.

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Super Bowl VI

Miami Dolphins vs Dallas Cowboys

The trend of Super Bowl "retries" seemed to be so relevant in the early stages of its upcoming. The Packers went back-to-back, the Chiefs made 2 appearances in the first 5 Super Bowls, as well as the Colts. Super Bowl VI was the Cowboys' turn, and they weren't going to let another championship slip through their fingertips. The Miami Dolphins were an expansion team in its 5th year in the League, wanting to make a splash and win a championship. That time, however, would have to come later because the Cowboys from Dallas took control of the game from start to finish, winning: 24-3 at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans.

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Super Bowl VII

Washington Redskins vs Miami Dolphins

The 1972 season was definitely one to remember. Especially for the Miami Dolphins. In just its 6th year in the League, the team has won numerous games and captured an AFC Title. Like many teams in the past, the Dolphins have been to the Super Bowl and lost, that loss was in the previous year to the Dallas Cowboys. In order to get that nasty taste out of their mouth, the Dolphins needed to win. Win throughout the course of the season, the playoffs, and of course the Super Bowl...and win they did. The 1972 Miami Dolphins team went on an undefeated streak throughout the entire season! The one thing left in their way to the Super Bowl crown was the Washington Redskins. The Dolphins took care of business in the first half of the game, going into halftime with a 14-0 lead. It was then up to the "No-name Defense" to keep the 'Skins out of the endzone. For the majority of the game they did, Washington scored a touchdown in the 4th quarter, but by that time it was too late. Miami won the game by a final score of 14-7 in Los Angeles' Memorial Coliseum, becoming the first team in NFL history to ever go 17-0 and undefeated throughout an entire season.

Super Bowl VIII

Miami Dolphins vs Minnesota Vikings

Fresh off of a Super Bowl victory from the year before, the Dolphins had their eyes on the Lombardi Trophy once again. Instead of the Redskins on the losing end, it was Minnesota yet again. The Vikings made a Super Bowl appearance before against the Chiefs in Super Bowl IV. The 'Vikes wanted to rewrite the script on that game and come out victorious. However, just as Kansas City did to Minnesota 4 years before, the Dolphins made certain that Minnesota would not take home a Super Bowl win. The Dolphins routed the Vikings 24-7 at Rice Stadium in Houston, making Miami the first team since the 1966-67 Green Bay Packers to ever win back-to-back Super Bowls.

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Super Bowl IX

Minnesota Vikings vs Pittsburgh Steelers

The Minnesota Vikings were 0-2 in the Super Bowl up through Super Bowl IX and they wanted to put a "W" in that column and make it 1-2. The only thing standing in their way were the Pittsburgh Steelers, led by Terry Bradshaw at quarterback and Franco Harris at running back. Pittsburgh finally reached the Big Game after falling in the Divisional Round of the playoffs the year before. Both teams were thirsty for a win and they let it show. Only 2 points were scored throughout the duration of the first half, in favor of Pittsburgh. In the second half, when Minnesota needed to show up the most, Pittsburgh prevailed, scoring 14 points as opposed to Minnesota's 6. The game ended with Pittsburgh winning 16-6 in Tulane Stadium in New Orleans.

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Super Bowl X

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Dallas Cowboys

Super Bowl X consisted of two teams that were familiar with the surrounding of the ultimate championship game. Pittsburgh was fresh off a Super Bowl victory over the Minnesota Vikings from the year before and Dallas still had some of the taste of glory left over from their Super Bowl championship just four years ago over the Miami Dolphins. Both teams came out firing on all cylinders and everyone knew the game would end with whoever could score within the last few possessions of the ball game. That team who prevailed were, once again, the Pittsburgh Steelers as they won the exciting contest 21-17 at Miami's Orange Bowl. Pittsburgh became the 3rd team in NFL history to win back-to-back Super Bowl.

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