Celtic Mythology

By: Amber Cannon

Why is this topic important?

Celtic mythology has greatly influenced today's American culture from literature to customs.

Celts revered nature and the elements, and worshiped the sun, moon, the stars, and the Earth

Celtic Mythology in Literature

-Twilight (Vampires and werewolves)

-Eragon (Dragons)

-Resurrection (Witches)

-Into the Fae (Faries/Mermaids/Little people)

Celtic Mythology and our Holidays

-The Celts believes on the night between the passing of the old year, and the arrival of the new (November, 1st), that the veil between our world and the Otherworld (Spirit World) was thinnest, and that spirits and demons could pass through into our world. This tradition carries over to Halloween

-Leprechauns come from Celtic stories of Fae people or little people.

They celebrated and worshiped through music, poetry, story-telling, and art

Believed in re incarnation. To die was an accepted fact of life - no matter because you would be born again