Update to Inlet View Families

Helpful information for School Reopening. Sept 20, 2020

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Dear Inlet View Parents, guardians, and students.

I hope you and your families are doing well and enjoying these rainy days.

I wanted to compile some information that has been released regarding ASD plan to possibly reopen schools on October 19. Click HERE to see a helpful Re-entry Timeline Based on New Risk Decision Plan.

Here are some points I would like you to be aware of:

1.School will take place for all at the same time, 5 days a week 9:30am - 3pm, no hybrid model. Masks must be worn by everyone.

2. When we come back, Generalists will continue with their Cohorts until we go to Low-Risk or Green, so there will not be any specials yet. Exception: Inlet View will have P.E with Mr. Meinen (Intermediate) and Mrs. Mack (Primary). Spanish will be on a two week rotation (2 weeks Primary- 2 weeks Intermediate).

3. Kids should keep their Chromebooks until we go to Low-Risk "Green" so that they have access to Canvas materials at home.

4. The Inlet View Safety Committee has developed a plan which has been shared with all staff and it is on its final revision stage. Once is ready, we will be offering a zoom meeting to present our plan to all parents. Our goal is for you to know how we will be handling important areas such as; arrival, hallways, bathroom, recess, lunch,and dismissal. Please stay tuned for more information about this informational meeting.

5. The current recommendation from ASD is for families to chose the virtual program if you are not able to return or don't feel comfortable sending your children back to school. If this is the case, please send me an email and we'll have those conversations individually.

6. i-Ready Assessment Results: Classroom teachers will be sending you an email with your child's assessment results. Please keep in mind this is a diagnostic assessment, not high stakes. Some of you helped your students take the test at home, some students did it on their own, and others took the test during zoom meetings with their teachers. The results just an indicator of where your child is at in reading and math. Remember that our PYP program focuses on big ideas and concept- based learning experiences, instead of topics or facts. Inlet View also emphasizes on the IB-Learner Profile as a tool to help students identify the attributes of a worldwide citizen learner that thrives to create a better world. Although assessments provide us with important data, our focus is on the education of the whole child as an inquirer.

The i-Ready family results are fairly intuitive to understand; however, if you need support do not hesitate to reach your child's teacher. They can also tell you about using i-Ready as a tool to support improvement.

Thank you for your continuous support and here's to a wonderful week at Inlet View.

In education,

Patricia Ahrens

Your Principal

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Watch this video with your children: How to wear your mask at school.

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Information from Nurse Kelly and ASD Health Department

Flu Vaccines

As we head into influenza season with the novel coronavirus pandemic still present it’s more important than ever for everyone to get their flu shot for several reasons. First, although influenza’s disease burden varies from year to year, evidence clearly shows that vaccination can reduce flu severity and prevent hospitalizations—critical considerations at a time when the health care system is burdened by coronavirus disease. Second, if you get sick and have to go to the doctor, your chances of being around someone with COVID-19 are much higher. Finally, how illnesses will be responded to in the school setting will be very different this year. ASD’s policy will be symptom free to be at school. Let’s work together and take flu out of the equation during these challenging times and all get a flu shot.

Health Services Information. Click HERE

Mark your Calendars!

Sept 23 Library Books Pick Up

Sept 26 Free Immunization Clinics

Sept 30 Free Immunization Clinics

Oct 1 Free Flu Clinics

Oct 6 Free Flu Clinics

Oct 15 PTA Meeting at 4:00 pm

Oct 16 Free Flu Clinics

Oct 19 School Reopens

Oct 21 Free Flu Clinics