hero's / villan's

It's 12:00 clock in shepherd TX traveling west. There's a huge fight ! Destroying the town. captain man is trying to save the world but master control is not. Master control is robing a bank. He's controlling the keepers to put the money and gold in his truck. When captain got there he try's to stop master control but master control control's captain man to leave and not follow him. Master control left fast as he could. When he got home he went to sleep. the next morning at 9:00 o clock Master control was robing building after building. Almost in Washington master control get's to a huge bank master control started taking all the money and gold. Captain man get's there and control's Master control to return every thing and make's him turn his self in to jail. Master control say's i'll return and come for captain man. Master control make's the guards let him free he come's for Caption man they fight for hours. Caption man finely get's him control's Master control and put's him a jail were he has no contact to any living thing's.