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Den 2 Photo Gallery

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Takeaways for Cub Scouts in this Adventure:
  • Cooperating on a project.
  • Planning an event.
  • Showing empathy for younger children.
  • Demonstrating appreciation for others.
  • A Scout is loyal and friendly.

*We will be working together to organize and plan a small carnival for our families and fellow scouts at the December Pack Meeting!*

*Any parents that can help make games/decorations please let me know! We will need lots of help earning this Adventure Loop!*

Need to Knows for the Winter Wonderland Carnival:

Thank you all for the wonderful help in planning and putting together our carnival! There are lots of questions to be answered, so here is what I have so far. This newsletter will be updated anytime I get new information so check back periodically!

Theme: Winter Wonderland (Let's try to decorate and theme our games accordingly.)

Time: 6:00p.m. - 8:00p.m.

We are responsible for set-up AND clean-up. All Bears and parents need to arrive promptly and be prepared to help after the pack meeting.

  • Chris and Willie- Balloon Animals
  • Rachael and Tristan- Needle in a Haystack
  • Jeremy and Reece- Toilet Paper Toss
  • Ben and William- Nerf Shooting Range
  • Anthony and Charles & Michelle and Matthew- Popcorn (we have acquired a popcorn machine, I am working on supply info)
  • Travis and Kasen- Pin the Patch Game
  • Lori and Hayden- Policeman Donut Toss
  • Taryn and Josh- Coke Bottle Bowling
  • Tina and Hudson- Photo Booth
  • George and Nabil- Hitball
  • Robby and Tyler- Air Hockey

  • Any other parents that can come and help hand out sticker sheets, restock supplies, help with games or anything else are more than welcome and appreciated!


We will be handing out colored paper strips to each child that comes to the carnival. As the children complete a game, they will recieve a sticker on their sheet from one of the game operators (either scout or parent). At the end of the carnival they should have a cute sticker collage to take home. *Any sticker donations are welcome!*


Supplies for games and activities are generally left to the operators (scouts and parents) except for the balloons and popcorn. However, I have had several boxes that were used for hot water heaters donated and are free to anyone who needs them!

Additional Info:

We are still having a Pack Meeting, so the carnival is just taking place at the beginning as people arrive. Once again, I forgot a skit - I will find one and send it out as soon as possible (I'm Sorry!).

*Let's work together, and work smarter not harder! If you can donate time or supplies, or can help in any way please let me know!*



  • Read through the exercises in the Adult Guide in the front of your Scout's book and update CubTrails that you and your Scout have discussed this booklet in the drop down menu under Bear Rank.
  • Each Scout needs to complete their Cyber Chip Requirements @: then update CubTrails in the drop down menu under Bear Rank.
  • Parents: Please complete the Youth Protection Training at: Just create an account and complete YPT Training online. It is free of cost, and once complete, it is valid for 2 years. Thank you!

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Bear Of The Week - William!

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Happy Birthday!!

  • Hayden - December 9th
  • Charles - December 23rd

Our Next Adventure: Fellowship and Duty to God

**This adventure is home-based and will be completed individually with family while on Winter-Break. We will not be meeting during the holiday. **

Takeaways for Cub Scouts in this Adventure:

  • Showing our duty to God by participating in service projects designed to help a neighbor community organization
  • Learning about individuals who have demonstrated fellowship, and creating plans to help us develop characteristics that will benefit our community.
  • Worshipping together to strengthen our faith in God.
  • A Scout is reverent.

Pinewood Derby

Our Pack Pinewood Derby is right around the corner in February! Cub Scouts will receive a car kit at the December Pack Meeting, but you can go ahead and begin getting a plan together for your design and look! There are several book resources on how-to's and secrets and you can find decals and tools at places like the Scout Shop, Michael's and Hobby Lobby. Please let me know if you have any questions - I am here to help!
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Upcoming Events:

Winter Wonderland Pack Meeting and Carnival!

Monday, Dec. 14th, 6-8pm

606 Mockingbird Lane

Weatherford, TX

Our Bear Den needs to be at the church to set up by 6:00 p.m. We will also be required to stay after to help clean up.

I can't wait to see all that we have planned come to life at this pack meeting! We are going to have SO MUCH FUN!!!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Home-Based Adventure: Fellowship and Duty to God

Tuesday, Dec. 15th, 9am to Sunday, Jan. 3rd 2016 at 7:30pm

This is an online event.

Remember to complete this adventure with your family during the school holiday break! Please update that it is completed in CubTrails when finished!

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