Digitize Common Assessments-Part 2

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Administered the Common Assessment, Now What?

Last week we discussed converting a Common Assessment (CA) from a pencil and paper format to a digital one. The tool featured was Google Forms. The benefit of incorporating Technology Enhanced Items, along with embedded typing practice, showcased the benefit of using this tool. Now that you have created the Form, and probably administered it, now is the time to grade it. Let's use the power of Google to grade this form for you. Soon you will see that this whole process will save you time in the long run.

Flubaroo, the Add on that grades!

Flubaroo is a wonderful Google Add-on for any Google Form. By adding this Add-on you enable Flubaroo to grade your Google Form for you. Think about that - Quizzes, Exit Tickets, or Checks For Understanding (CFUs) could be graded immediately upon submission of the form by your students. Just think how this might change your practice! Try it.

Steps for Using Flubaroo

  1. Create a quiz/exit ticket via a Google Form (Required Field: Student Name)

  2. Remember: Flubaroo will only grade multiple choice, multiple select, etc. However, you will be able to manually score any constructed response questions later.

  3. Answer the quiz yourself with the right answers (Label Key, “The Answers”)

  4. From View Responses (Spreadsheet), click Add-on and search Flubaroo; Install Flubaroo. (Figures 1-2)

  5. Flubaroo will grade your quiz. (Figures 3-4)

  6. Flubaroo can email all students their grade, view a summary report, or regrade the assignment (if more students submitted again

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Flubaroo Overview Video

Flubaroo Overview