Catching Kayla

Anyone With Any Disease Can Persevere In Life

North Carolina's Greatest

Meet Kayla, she is one of Carolina's fastest runners and on the varsity team for track. There is however in slight detail, she has Multiple Sclerosis which is when the disease in the immune system eats at the protective covering of nerves. This would continue to drag her down but never fully stop her drive. Continuing to work hard, Kayla began to run again and restored herself to her former status as well as became even faster.

Randy Pausch

The Strength Of The Mind

Meet Randy, a successful motivational speaker who is also married with 2 children. When first seen on The Oprah Show many would think a man such as himself has a peaceful and perfect lifestyle. As it is revealed, Randy was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and doctors had estimated a couple months at the most. Pausch refused to let the label define him and uses his story to help people persevere in life.
Randy Pausch reprising his "Last Lecture"

Nick Vujicic

Many of us are unhappy with life although we are healthy and able. Some are depressed about grades, friends or wants. However this all pales in comparison once you see Nick Vujicic. Meet the man with no arms, no legs, no problems. We will see how he experiences life and joy through unique perspective on life. In the book Life Without Limits a truly special story of perseverance is told
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