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The Bends

  • The bends are hard to understand for people who have never been scuba diving and had it happen to them, the amount of pressure is extremely different from walking on dry land the normal pressure put on your body when on land is around 14.7 psi or 1 atmosphere but when under water the pressure is normally around double that so 29.4 is this is one of the main reasons people get the bends the pressure causes the Water the evaporate in the blood and if he or she were to swim quick ally to the surface it would be like opening a bottle of soda and sometimes the bends can be extremely painful.

air embolisms

  • Air embolisms are a very rare and usually only about 20,000 people every year it happens when pressure builds up and causes air pockets which can appear usually in the blood stream which is what embolisms means and air means it is an air bubble blocking the blood in the blood veins but rarely can happen in the vascular system.

Oxygen toxicity

  • when the oxygen pressure becomes partial pressures can cause damage to cell membranes and even collapse of the alveoli in the lungs and in some very rare but still possible cases it can kill you. but oxygen toxicity is only a threat to scuba divers and not all cases cause damage at all, it all really depends on the amount of time being exposed and the type of exposure.

relation between the bends and the gas laws of chemistry

the main gas law affecting the bends is Boyle's law, as the water pressure increases the volume decreases which can make the lungs half there size but that's not what the bends is as we learned it happens when the descend and then ascend this makes gas form in the lungs as the pressure lowers the volume increase so the gas fills up more and more and sometimes the gas can get into the blood stream and heat the water up till it evaporates and then you get the bends.

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