6th Grade Technology

By: Stella Morris

Learn To Type\ Typing Lessons

The first thing we started working on in Technology class was our typing skills. Typing is very important for all sorts of things. For example, in the future you may need to type a lot of stuff all at once, learning how to type properly will definitely come in handy. To practice typing we use a website called www.typing.com where we spend time learning and memorizing the keyboard. We still frequently spend time in the beginning of every class to warm up.

Career Locker

Once we became familiar with typing, Mrs. VandenBoogaard was welcome into our class to inform us about our future. She also introduced us to a website we used to research different places to go collage when we graduate from high school. It gave me a chance to gather an idea of what I may study when I'm older.

Haiku Deck

Another unit we did in Mrs. Myers Technology class was our Haiku Deck. Our Haiku Deck was a slide show we later presented about what we wanted to be when we grow up. Or in other words our Dream Job.


The second unit we did in Technology was to make an iTrailer. We made iTrailers made with an app we have downloaded on our iPad called "iMovie". Our iTrailers are based on whatever subject we chose. Mine is about all of my friends!


After we finished our iMovies and presented, we started coding! Personally, coding was by far my favorite. Coding is a process you go through to command a computer (or a piece of technology) to do something. In Technology we use a website call "Code.org". Code.org showed us step-by-step how to code and what to use it for. Coding is especially cool because of the things you can create and do with it. Plus, coding is a very useful skill to have in the future.

Explain Everything

The most recent unit we completed in Mrs. Myers Technology class was an explain everything video. In this unit, we were given a list of math story problems. with the problems provided, we had to create a video solving and explaining the problem to go along. We used an app on our iPads called "Explain Everything" where we were able to plug in pictures and make recordings of our voice.