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Principal's Corner

Principal's Message

It has been a great first full week of school. They children's excitement for all things Sussex is energizing.

Thank you to the HSA and community for the delicious staff luncheon on Thursday, September 12th. It was very much appreciated!

A gentle reminder: Parents that wish to drive their students to school are to be dropped off in the front of the building. There is no supervision before 8:55, and children who arrive before that time, will not be permitted to enter the building. A staff member will be at the door between 8:55 and 9:00 a.m. to welcome students.

Week of September 16th- September 20th

  • September 16th is a B day.

Looking Ahead:

  • September 24th - Back to School Night @ 6:30
  • September 27th - Spirit Day
  • September 30th- Rosh Hashanah- School is Closed
  • September 30- October 4th- Week of Respect
  • October 4th - School Store
  • October 7th- Whole School Assembly The Ned Show- Mindset Mission
  • October 7th- Clubs begin
  • October 8th- Picture Day
  • October 9th- Yom Kippur- School is Closed
  • October 17th- Family Fun Night
  • October 25th- Spirit Day

Birthday Books

The Sussex Avenue HSA helped bring the Birthday Book program to Sussex Avenue School. Students on their birthday,(half birthday for our summer birthdays), will have their name announced over the intercom. They will be invited down to the office to select a book of their choice to take home and enjoy!

I am so happy that we are able to celebrate our students and put a book in the hands of a child!

Happy Reading!!

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The Ned Show is Coming to Sussex!

On October 7th, The Ned Show will be visiting Sussex! NED which stands for Never give up, Encourage Others, and Do your best leads students through a journey to find their positive mindset. The show is filled with storytelling, humor, illusions and amazing yo-yo tricks where our kids learn the hidden message in NED's name.

We are receiving this assembly at no-cost ($1,800 value) because another school paid-it-forward to us. In turn we will pay-it-forward to have another school receive this assembly at no-cost by agreeing to advertise and conduct a sale of NED-messaged yo-yo's. NED-messaged yo-yo's will be available for purchase for 10 days following the assembly. A flyer will be coming home. THERE IS NO OBLIGATION TO PURCHASE, however, if you are interested in purchasing, please make checks payable to our school. A flyer will be coming home within the next two weeks with more information.

Join the Sussex Avenue Home School Association (HSA) E-Blast!

The Home and School Association (HSA), as indicated above, provides many programs and opportunities to our students. Each week the HSA sends out a weekly e-blast advertising upcoming HSA sponsored events. If you would like to join the HSA E-Blast, please send an email to or text CLASSOF29 to 22828.

For this week's e-blast click here.

Quote of the Week

This week's quote was "Success begins with believing you can!" - Unknown
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Ms. Brillon- School Counselor

What do you love about working at Sussex? Getting to know and work with all the kids!

What are some of your hobbies/passions? Hiking, rock climbing, gymnastics

Favorite life quotes: Throw kindness like confetti

Role Models (Past or Current): My grandmother

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Ms. Byrne- Grade 4

What do you love about working at Sussex? I love working with such a diverse population of both students and teachers. It is so comforting to know that the best interest of the students and their individual growth and happiness is a driving force behind the teachers and staff that work here. I enjoy seeing students grow from the beginning to the end of the year, and seeing them pass by with a smile and a hello beyond their time in my classroom.

What are some of your hobbies/passions? I love helping children outside of school as well as in school. In the summer, I spend my days at the beach, teaching swimming lessons, and tutoring. Along with that, my hobbies include painting and reading. I often find myself lost in a new book, or relaxing painting a new project or furniture in my free time.

Favorite life quotes: “Life is a balance of holding on and letting go.” -Rumi This quote has always stuck with me. For me it serves as a reminder that is important to hold onto your values and what is important to you, but that the ability to let things go that are out of your control is also a large part of life. This quote has followed me through a lot of my life thus far, and I am always finding ways it connects to my life currently.

Role Models (Past or Current): Both of my parents will always be role models to me. They have shown me nothing but love and support throughout my life and have been two of the best advice-givers. Both of them are happy and successful people, who have both had their fair shares of ups and downs, yet remained calm and persistent throughout it all. They have always had their best interest for me in their minds, and I would not be the person I am today without them. Another one of my role models was my mom’s best friend. She was diagnosed and eventually passed away from breast cancer at a young age, but both her advice and contributions to conversation showed depth beyond her years. I relied on her through any of life’s problems that I encountered, and always felt happier after being around her. I was lucky enough to know her as long as I did, and still carry much of the advice she gave me over the years every day.

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Nurse's Corner

Parents of students medications administered in school:

School is in full swing now. If you your child uses an inhaler for asthma or an Epipen for severe allergies, please send them into the health office as soon as possible. Remember the school district requires new orders from your doctor for these every school year. If your child takes any other medications (even occasionally) while at school, you will need to provide new orders for these as well. The school nurses are not able to administer any medications to your child without orders from their doctor. If you haven’t done so yet, please make an appointment with your child’s healthcare provider to get these. Thank you for helping us take the best possible care of your children!


I am happy to meet with any member of the community! Should you like to discuss questions, concerns, or any matter, please contact Ms. Melissa Johnson at 973-292-2250 ext. 6550 to schedule an appointment.
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